Holiday Redefined

How silently, how silently
 the wondrous Gift is given!
 So God imparts to human hearts
 the blessings of His heaven.
 No ear may hear His coming; but in this world of sin,
 where meek souls will receive Him still,
 the dear Christ enters in.
--O, Little Town of Bethlehem, traditional Christmas carol

This Christmas will be unlike any I have experienced before. This year, I am in the middle of a battle for my life. No, I'm not dreadfully ill, but I do have another priority that takes up a lot of my spare time.

Christmases Past looked frenetic and stressful. I tried to pack in all the shopping, concerts, baking, parties, programs and people I could. By the time the holiday was over, I ended up feeling grumpy and ungrateful.

I will redefine this Christmas. It will look peaceful, reverent, special. I will make room in my heart and home for Jesus. While I may not have any decorations up, I can spruce up my soul. Setting aside holiday guilt, my mind will focus on the Wondrous Gift of Christ to this world.

So this Christmas will look different. And it will feel different. Because I am different. And that's a good thing.


Health Update: I will be returning to CTCA--Chicago next Monday for Chemotherapy Treatment #4. This one will get me over the hump, and I am so grateful. I hope to be able to rest during the week preceding Christmas, so that I can enjoy the holiday with my family.


Female in Motion Exercise Update: I did four 25-minute treadmill workouts last week, and felt good enough to do quite a bit of housecleaning, too.


Notable Quote:

"Let every heart prepare Him room."--Joy to the World, traditional Christmas carol
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