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A Memorable Memorial Day

This year, Memorial Day was not at all what The Hubster and I expected. And we are so glad it came out that way! As it turned out, our daughter, Sarah, spent Sunday night with us and then we had a lovely Memorial Day together. We breakfasted and then The Hubster found a DIY project he wanted to do, so Sarah and I pitched in to help. We capped it off with the traditional burger and hot dog extravaganza!


I spent the day with my mom on Friday. We had a blast talking about our summer plans, family news and generally just dishing. Mom's backyard is full of finches, sparrows and wrens, topped off with a liberal smattering of bunnies and squirrels. It wasn't at all that way when Dave and I were kids. We were always running around that yard, screaming and yelping like a herd of wildebeest in stampede mode.


On Saturday night, I invited my Sunday School buddies to come over for a pizza and video night. We have been studying the book of Esther, the prototype for Wonder Woman (just my…

Baby Boom

What a surprise! The Hubster and I expected to have a boring morning at the hospital in Winfield, having tests run. Instead, we got to escape to Island Park and see new life busting out all over. The duck and Canada goose residents of the park are having a major baby boom! Grab the kids and a loaf of bread and head out to see God's newest creations.


THURSDAY 5/14/09
I attended the final vocal music department concert at Ark City High School. There are so many musically talented kids in our town! The Pops Concert is a combination of choir, ensemble, solo and duet performances. My favorite solos were Bethany McClure, doing a Taylor Swift song, Russell Swanson, he has a great baritone voice, and Kaile Shrode, singing an 80's Roxette tune, "Listen to Your Heart." The most touching moment of the concert was a duet by Hannah Graves and Jessica Coldwell, who sang "For Good," about friendship never dying. There were lots of tears over that one!

SATURDAY 5/16/09
My f…

Okay, Kerri, I'm writing!

I'm writing this much later than usual tonight. I had a high school instrumental music concert to attend. (More on that later.) And of course, I saw lots of people I know. My sister-in-law took one look at me and said, "Why aren't you at home writing your blog???" I'm on it, Kerri!

I can't believe people actually take time out of their day to read this column. It never ceases to shock me when someone says, "I read your blog." I guess I just thought I was the only one interested in writing about me, and I sure never thought anyone would be interested in reading about me! I'm so glad you do, though, and I'm really grateful. It's what I love to do.


The concert tonight was the finale to a great season of the arts in Ark City. Amazing numbers, talented kids and lots of supportive family members combined for a really awesome show. The jazz band led off with two smooth blues songs and a Duke Ellington piece. My favorite was "The Jazz Pol…

I Joined the KWA!

I've never been much of a joiner. After washing out of the Girl Scouts in a few short months, I meandered through dance, soccer, tennis and piano lessons. There were a few club meetings in high school that I went to once or twice. It's just not my bag, man! So when my writing mentor suggested I network with other writers, I had to swallow quite hard before I made my move.

Regardless of whether you've been published or not, the Kansas Writers Association supports and encourages all kinds of writing: poetry, non-fiction, screenwriting, as well as fiction. They have monthly workshops that cover a multitude of interesting subjects for budding Shakespeareans. I'm excited to attend some meetings and get acquainted with people who love what I love so much. I'll keep you posted on my progress.


Our daughter, Rachel, came down last week for a very sweet visit. Sweet, because we spent most of the time in the kitchen, watching her bake goodies! The Hubster and I call Rachel, …