Baby Boom

What a surprise! The Hubster and I expected to have a boring morning at the hospital in Winfield, having tests run. Instead, we got to escape to Island Park and see new life busting out all over. The duck and Canada goose residents of the park are having a major baby boom! Grab the kids and a loaf of bread and head out to see God's newest creations.


THURSDAY 5/14/09
I attended the final vocal music department concert at Ark City High School. There are so many musically talented kids in our town! The Pops Concert is a combination of choir, ensemble, solo and duet performances. My favorite solos were Bethany McClure, doing a Taylor Swift song, Russell Swanson, he has a great baritone voice, and Kaile Shrode, singing an 80's Roxette tune, "Listen to Your Heart." The most touching moment of the concert was a duet by Hannah Graves and Jessica Coldwell, who sang "For Good," about friendship never dying. There were lots of tears over that one!

SATURDAY 5/16/09
My first Kansas Writer's Association meeting was great! I didn't know what to expect, but everyone there was really friendly and the vibe was casual. The speakers were really helpful, too. Three authors spoke about their publishing journey. It was so nice to talk to people who share the same language. The Hubster said I had met my "peeps." I think he's right. I'll keep you posted about future meetings.

SUNDAY 5/17/09
It was Graduation Sunday at church. We honored two graduates this year, Jessica Coldwell, ACHS, and Jarrett Gowdy, K-State.

Once church was over, The Hubster and I headed out to Wichita for a birthday celebration for our youngest daughter, Rachel. She and Drew, her fella, met us at Pei Wei, an Asian diner at New Market Square on the west side. The food was fresh, yummy and very reasonably priced! Rachel's birthday isn't until this weekend, but Drew is treating her to a weekend in KC. Smart boy!


Exercise Update: two workouts this week, and five rounds of calisthenics with hand weights. Keep at it, Old Girl! The jeans are getting baggier every week!
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