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I have a confession to make. I only bathe once a week. That's not to say that I'm stinky, I take a shower on the other days. Saturday night is the time I set aside to treat myself to a hot soak in the tub. I shave my legs, give myself a facial and pedicure and pluck my eyebrows. You know, girlie stuff!

Before you start thinking that this is my time to relax and reflect on my week, please know that there is no peace and quiet, or time of reflection. Instead, The Hubster sits on the "throne" and we discuss world (and local) events and the cats line up to perch on the edge of the tub. It's still fun, though.


Second confession: I accidentally dialed 911 this afternoon! You hear about those small children that dial 911 and then the cops come and their parents are horrified. Well, it happened to me. Allow me to elaborate.

I had just returned home after a trip to the dentist for my six-month cleaning. Dr. Alan Marcotte has been our family's dentist fo…

Batteries are Fully Charged!

Infinite Grace was the theme of the 2008 Women of Faith Conference in Oklahoma City last weekend. And I was there. What a total blast! Two days of music, worship, laughs, tears and ten thousand screaming female Jesus freaks!

My mom's church got a group of ladies together, along with another church in Derby, and we chartered a big bus. We left on Friday morning and came home on Saturday evening. Jim, our driver, has amazing skills. Plus, he was a very nice gentleman. Anybody who can put up with 50 talkative women for 48 hours is a saint in my book!

The speakers at this year's event were diverse and gifted. Sheila Walsh sang and discussed her difficult childhood in Scotland. Allison Allen, a Broadway star, did a really funny skit about how music shaped our perceptions of love as young girls. Sandi Patty blew me away with her stunning vocals and touching testimony. Luci Swindoll(Chuck's sister) made me laugh about how God speaks to us in a still, small voice, not a hammer to th…

Creeping Crud, Part II

And so the saga continues. Yes, last week I wrote about catching the cold that everyone seems to have, and now it has morphed into something devious, something evil, something worse...the dreaded double infection!

The Hubster has said that I hardly ever get sick, but when I do, it's a doozy. That's true in this case. I went to the doctor this afternoon, after suffering through a really nasty weekend of coughing, little sleep and body pain. He said I have both a sinus infection and bronchial infection. Now, I'm just heavily medicated.


The reason I am so incredibly bummed about being sick is that I have a big event I want to attend this weekend. My mom and I have planned to attend the Women of Faith Conference in OKC. To say I am excited about this trip is like saying that a 5-year-old is excited about Christmas. Well, duh!

I don't get out of the house much. We take trips, occasionally. And I do see the girls in Wichita as often as I can. But I work at home, so it seems…

Creeping Crud

I haven't had a cold in more than a year. However, Friday I succumbed to...The Creeping Crud! It started with just a little throat tickle. By Sunday night, I had a fever, alternating sweats and cold chills, hacking cough, red and irritated eyes, stuffy AND runny nose (I have no idea how it does that!), and the worst sore throat of my life.

This morning, my throat was swollen to 1/3 of its usual size. Yeah, that was pleasant. It took two cups of coffee and a saltwater gargle before I could work up a decent swallow. Did I mention that I turn into a whiny baby when I get a cold? As if that wasn't good enough, I got really generous and gave it to The Hubster.


I did attend a baby shower this weekend. What fun! My good buddy, Jacque's son, Matt and his pretty wife, Callista, are expecting a little blue bundle in December. They're both K-State grads, so the shower theme was decidedly "Wildcat." It's so fun to go to the baby department in a store and pick out ti…