I have a confession to make. I only bathe once a week. That's not to say that I'm stinky, I take a shower on the other days. Saturday night is the time I set aside to treat myself to a hot soak in the tub. I shave my legs, give myself a facial and pedicure and pluck my eyebrows. You know, girlie stuff!

Before you start thinking that this is my time to relax and reflect on my week, please know that there is no peace and quiet, or time of reflection. Instead, The Hubster sits on the "throne" and we discuss world (and local) events and the cats line up to perch on the edge of the tub. It's still fun, though.


Second confession: I accidentally dialed 911 this afternoon! You hear about those small children that dial 911 and then the cops come and their parents are horrified. Well, it happened to me. Allow me to elaborate.

I had just returned home after a trip to the dentist for my six-month cleaning. Dr. Alan Marcotte has been our family's dentist for years. Joanne Ging, my hygienist, is a close friend. Upon entering my office, I noticed that I had a message waiting from a client on the answering machine. That's when the hilarity ensued.

After listening to the message from Erieka, a client in Kansas City, I attempted to return the call. KC has a 913 area code. I guess I was a little preoccupied. While attempting to dial Erieka's number (and making notes on the message pad), I simply forgot to start with 1 for a long-distance call. Instead of dialing 1-9-1-3, I dialed 9-1-oops-1. Yup. I didn't even realize the total "boneheadedness" of that move until Officer Jon Taylor of the ACPD started pounding on the front door.

The officer was a very nice, very understanding man. He took pity on a mildly frazzled, partly addled, middle-aged lady. I apologized profusely, and he laughed and said, "Happy Thanksgiving!" At least I know that the average wait time on a patrol car to our home is approximately 2.7 minutes. Pretty handy!


Today is my father's birthday. My dad went home to heaven three years ago, but I still miss him lots. Some people say it gets easier with time. I don't think it gets easier, you just find a new normal. Today we would have gotten together for a cookout and I would have given him a new shirt or a historical novel, and we would have enjoyed each other's company for a while. I still enjoy Dad's company. We just have a new way to communicate now.


Turkey Day is Thursday! I am looking forward to seeing my daughters and eating some of The Hubster's great food. I will report next week on the outcome of the 22-pound turkey he purchased! Count your blessings!
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