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Wild Saturday!

I had a really quiet week. I worked hard and barely left the house. I was ready for a little recreation. When my mom invited me up on Saturday, I jumped at the chance for some fresh air. I got some, and quite a little adventure, to boot!

My sister, Donna, was visiting Mom last weekend, along with my nephew, Nick. Nick and I are buddies. He gets me, which very few people do. Anyway, after a quick stop at Graves Drug for Henry's candy (a treat for Nick), I was off to Derby. We were soon saddled up and riding off to a church rummage sale.

The main event was the Derby Historical Museum. What a find! Mom volunteers there, so I was eager to go. It's huge! They have the largest collection of arrowheads and primitive stone tools I have ever seen anywhere, plus lots of military, medical, education, fashion, and housekeeping memorabilia. I was really impressed with the sheer volume of artifacts.

In each display room, a museum volunteer was handy to answer questions, provide interesting i…

Smarter than the Average...Cat???

One of our cats has been mildly ill the last two weeks, which required a trip to the vet, followed by antibiotics. If you've ever attempted to give any type of pet a pill, it's not exactly a stroll down Lovely Avenue! That is, until I found the best thing ever invented...Greenies Pill Pockets.

Greenies is a French company that makes healthy cat and dog treats. They recently came out with the Pill Pockets and our cats are in love with them. They are soft, little rounds with a small hole in the center. You just pop the pill in, mold the Pill Pocket around it, and the cat will snarf it down! Wow! Unfortunately, they are not available here in "Siberia," you have to go to Wichita to get them.


The Hubster and I had a big Saturday night in the big town of Wichita. Sarah's birthday was Saturday. She decided to try something new this year, so she had her 25Th birthday, version 2.0. We got to see her new "crib," which is gorgeous. (Yeah, I know, shock of the ye…

Resurrection Week Recap

Passover has passed over and Easter is done for another year. It was an action-packed week, and I really enjoyed it. (Even though it was a marathon!) The first ever Passover observance at Missionary Baptist Church was interesting and meaningful and lots of fun, too. We had a lot of compliments on this project, so we may try to do this again.

Our outdoor sunrise service had to be moved indoors, and there really wasn't much of a sunrise to speak of, but the service was terrific, with kids reading the scriptures from the book of Matthew and a great message about the empty tomb. Afterward, a huge and delicious breakfast was served, along with a chance to fellowship with our church family. After a quick trip home to shower and change, we headed back to church for Sunday School and worship service. There were many visitors and family attending, so it was a big crowd. I sang "Born to Die," by Lanny Wolfe, while Jessica Coldwell did "How Beautiful." She has an awesome …


Last week was epic. Mostly because I had a four-day migraine! Yup, that stupid thing just wouldn't go away. I tried Excedrin and Maxalt and ice packs and sleep and coffee and exercise and hot showers and cold showers and fresh air and warm, moist air and toughing it out and in the end, I just had to wait for it to go away. My daughter said I should have tried ice packs on the head while you soak your feet in hot water. Now she tells me! *sigh*


The Passover celebration at my church is on Wednesday. We had the rehearsal this evening, and you haven't lived until you've heard 20 Kansas Baptists trying to pronounce all those lovely Hebrew Passover words! In the end, we decided to minimize the Hebrew as much as possible and just use the English words. It is still going to be very respectful, very meaningful and we're all excited at the prospect of this new worship opportunity.

Have I mentioned how much I love the folks at Missionary Baptist Church? They just love to help an…