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Road Trip Trauma

Last weekend, The Hubster and I took a little road trip down Oklahoma way. We thought it would be a good excuse to see what the new car could do and work some of the kinks out. Well, we found a kink.

We packed up the car and headed out bright and early Friday morning. The Hubster had just pulled onto Interstate 35 when he starts fiddling with the driver's seat position. First, he moved the seat a little further back, so he could stretch out his legs. Then, he tried the seatback lever. (By the way, the whole time he's doing this, I'm telling him that this is supposed to be done when the car is in the garage, not on the highway!)

The upshot was, The Hubster drove the next two hundred miles folded over like a French omelette! That's right, he tried to move the lever and ended up getting it stuck in the farthest forward position. We pulled over and he tried jiggling it, hitting it and moving it back and forth, all to no avail. Yes, it was stuck. Only then did The Hubster …

I Have a Work Out!

FitZone is weird on a holiday. Because of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, The Hubster had the day off, so he came with me to work out this morning. We were greeted at the door by a herd of 50-something women, pestering Pat about everything from towels to headphones. By the time we left (or rather, I was forced out of the circuit training room by the aforementioned herd!), there were at least 20-25 people there.

In good news, The Hubster got to see where I work out, and I did 26 minutes on the elliptical machine! The Hubster did his usual 30 minutes on the treadmill. He said that the machines at FitZone were really nice. My goal for the new year is to make 30 minutes on the stair stepper an every day thing, and to increase the amount of steps/reps per minute, so that I burn even more calories. I burn an average of 167 now.

An update on the garage door opener caper: the new car remote works, the opener works and the car compass works. HOWEVER, the garage door opener light does NOT wo…

Sad Day

This morning, The Hubster and I had to attend the funeral of a 29-year-old man. So very sad! Dustin Cook was the grandson of members of our church, Dean and Bea Richards. He was a very friendly, sweet young man, who fervently loved his 6-year-old son, Gage. Dustin suffered from heart problems. Please keep this family in your prayers.

Mondays are hard anyway, but when you have to attend a funeral first thing, it's tough! The one thing that makes Monday Monday Night Dinner! Yes, The Hubster spoils me rotten on Mondays. He really puts on the dog. It might be Mexican lasagna, grilled chicken breast with pineapple salsa, or his famous meatloaf. The Hubster knew that tonight I would be needing something extra special, so he made chicken strips. His are so great! Not too greasy, with rice flour and fried in canola oil. He also made my favorite garlic rice pilaf and roasted Brussels sprouts.

Am I in over my head? We'll find out tomorrow night, if I survive! The baby sho…

New Car/Old Garage Door Opener

Yup. We finally broke down and did it. The dirty deed is done. The Hubster and I put it off as long as we could. We bought a car. And now we can't get the stupid garage door to work!

We are not your typical car buyers. First of all, we only buy a car every 10-15 years. Yeah, we keep them that long. The Hubster and I research car prices, performance, safety, gas mileage, customer satisfaction, and on and on. We finally bought one, and one of the features is that it has a programmable remote garage door opener. However, our ancient garage door opener isn't cooperating!

The Hubster has tried it all. He even checked the website. I read all about it in the car manual, but to no avail. Picture Sunday morning. We are all dressed up, buckled in and ready to go. But the door opener just won't work. The Hubster finally had to get out of the car and open the garage door manually. Ugh!

Believe me, I'll keep you updated on this misadventure!

Legleiter's Video in Ark City has finish…

Resolutions, Schmezolutions!

Hooray for a new year! Not that this year has been so awful, but I am looking forward to finding out what 2008 holds for us. I'm not really a big resolution-maker. I just hate it when I can't keep it up, so I just don't make them any more. I punish myself enough already!

I used to make big resolutions about losing weight, making more money, exercising, traveling, etc. Several years ago, I had a big talk with myself. "Self," I said, "You are setting yourself up for failure!" The only resolution I have made for the past three years is to love God more this year than last. That seems to be a good system. Sounds weird, but it works.

In family news, we celebrated my mom's birthday on Friday. We went to one of those Japanese grill places. The food was terrific and the show was great, too. Mom and Drew were the only two to catch a shrimp in their mouth. I can't believe I didn't catch one! I have a huge mouth, as you all well know.

The Deep Freeze con…