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Sweet Ladies!

I had to share this photo The Hubster took last night. My mother-in-law, Judy Skiles, and her best friend, Pat Brown, got their heads shaved yesterday, in my honor. I don't know if I am a bad influence or I started a new fad! Either way, I am humbled by all the love, encouragement and support I am receiving. God bless each and every one of you.

Put on a Happy Face...and Heart

Proverbs 17:22 (KJV)
A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

Lots of people have asked me how I'm feeling. You know, folks with cancer get that question often. I'm honest with my response. I feel great! Really, God is blessing and I feel really good. And then, they all say the same thing, "You have such a great attitude!"

Although I have had times of sadness and depression in my life, now is not one of them. All the "what ifs" have come to pass. I have cancer. My husband has cancer. All the monsters that were under the bed, are now sleeping peacefully beside us. There is nothing else to be afraid of. I quickly realized that I had no control. This was firmly God's department. So I turned it completely over to Him.

Crazy, right? Now, I just put one foot in front of the other and take each day fresh and new. I spend a lot of time on my knees, too, talking to God about my fears, gratitude and burdens for others that…

Feisty Friday Face!

Here's my Friday Face today, with a bonus Hubster Face, as well! We got our heads shaved yesterday, so I thought I would give you a bonus shot. I'm really loving it, so far! Maintenance is low, and my head is pretty nicely-shaped. Hooray! It's a little bit cold at night, so we're thinking about little flannel nightcaps, maybe.

(Notice the small "Feisty" pin on the flower of my hat? It's a gift from my favorite author, B.D. Tharp, writer of Feisty Family Values, available on Check it out!)

I'm feeling great this week, and hope to have a safe and easy trip back for Chemo Treatment #2 at CTCA on Wednesday.

Have a great weekend, Dear Readers! I love you guys!

Precious Lord, You hold me in the palm of Your Hand. I am so grateful for your mercy and abundant love. I pray that you will continue to guide me and heal me through this cancer journey. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Suffering Succotash

(This pink pumpkin is from my sweet friends at church, Jennifer and David Carothers.)

John 16:33 (KJV) These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. 

Some famous television evangelists will tell you that God wants you to be wealthy and healthy. It's called the "prosperity gospel." They expound on how to claim the promises of God, to get your slice of the American Dream. (It usually has something to do with mailing them a wad of cash.) Nothing bad will happen if you believe hard enough. It's a lie.

God didn't promise us an easy life, filled with sunshine and rose petals. If life were trouble-free, heaven wouldn't be that big of a deal. Imagine making it to the Pearly Gates, and it's just like last Tuesday on Earth? Not possible! Our Savior wants the best for us...His best. That doesn't always translate to comfortable lives. Besides, a life of…

Chemo Journal Notes

It's been five days since my first-ever chemotherapy treatment. Here's what I'm thinking:

I've learned more about myself.I am listening to my body.I'm grateful to God for His mercy. Following is my journal from last week's trip.

CTCA Staff: I felt so prepared. They all walked me through the whole process, step-by-step. I knew what to expect. No mystery.

My sweet Texas Belle: Rachel was such a help! She is an encourager. Wonder where she gets that from? Rachel carried things, ran errands, massaged my shoulders before the treatment and rubbed lotion into my hands during. My Belle kept me company during the treatment and got me home when it was all over. You have no idea what a comfort it is to have your daughter tuck you in after a big day.

CTCA Infusion Center: As nice as the hospital is, the infusion center is that much better. I was ushered to a nice suite with an upholstered recliner and rocking chair. The recliner had heat and massage. Yep. My nurse, Nancy, wa…

This is What Cancer Looks Like

Here is your Friday Female in Motion Face! This photo is taken two days after my first chemotherapy treatment at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Zion, IL. I'm feeling pretty good, so far.

Here is a list of my first side effects:

1. Frequent hiccups.
2. Nearly constant metallic taste in my mouth.
3. Very sore back and neck muscles.

Here's a list of what I did my first day back at home.

1. Two loads of laundry.
2. Took out trash.
3. Four hours of data entry and office work.
4. Short downtown shopping trip with my sweet Texas Belle.
5. Went out to dinner.

I would say I am greatly blessed, all in all. Thanks to everyone who said a prayer, sent positive thoughts and encouraged me through this journey. Next Monday's post will cover step-by-step my first chemo treatment.

Almighty One, I am humbled by your abundant love for me. Please send double blessings to everyone who takes the time to pray for my health. In Jesus' name, Amen.

God or Glory?

Deuteronomy 7:6 (KJV) For thou art an holy people unto the Lord thy God: the Lord thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.

As a young newlywed, I gave my husband a full account of all my daily activities when he arrived home. The Hubster called it my "status report." Somehow, I got it into my head that he would value me more as a wife if I did tons of chores.

I realized a while back that I was doing this same thing with God. At the end of the day, I prayed my status report, telling Him about all the great things I did. Would He love me more if He heard all the good works I was doing? Sooooooooooooo wrong! My Gracious Redeemer already knew what I did all day, and He already loved and accepted me as His child.

Have you ever done that with spiritual things? If you're running around the church organizing bake sales, directing the children's choir, leading the sewing circle, and disinfecting the b…

Friday Face

Here's my Friday photo! I'm looking forward to a fun weekend, followed by a busy travel week.

My Monday blog post was about body image. No matter who you are...young teen, young adult, stay-at-home mommy, busy career lady, married, single, widowed, or anywhere in between, I want you to lean in and listen close: You matter. You are beautiful. Jesus loves you. Your life is significant.

No matter what self-talk is spinning around your brain right now, memorize those four truths and meditate on them. Our bodies are temporary. Only our souls are eternal. Spend some time nurturing your soul. When it is mature and fully ripened, we can see ourselves as we really are...precious in His sight.

Loving Father, help me to process and absorb the truth. I want to see myself through Your tender eyes. I am Your vessel. In Jesus' holy name, Amen.

The Lover of My Soul

A week from today, I will return to Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Zion, IL, and if all goes well, I will begin my chemotherapy treatment. Within a few days after that, I will lose all my hair. It won't all fall out at once, but when it starts to get sparse, I'm going to shave it off. And I'm okay with that.

My body image has not always been so great. When I was a teenager, I had a lot of self-loathing. I thought my legs were so fat, at 105 pounds, that I refused to wear shorts during the summer. Even in my 20's, after my first brush with cancer, I covered the large scar on my right arm on the hottest July days in Kansas.

I am 50 years old now, and overweight, scarred, stretch marked, gray haired and wrinkled. Losing weight, gaining weight, short haired or long haired, I am still me. With the last surgery I endured, I lost my right breast to cancer, but I know I have the love of my husband, my family and my Savior. No matter how many body parts I lose, I poss…