Friday Face

Here's my Friday photo! I'm looking forward to a fun weekend, followed by a busy travel week.

My Monday blog post was about body image. No matter who you are...young teen, young adult, stay-at-home mommy, busy career lady, married, single, widowed, or anywhere in between, I want you to lean in and listen close: You matter. You are beautiful. Jesus loves you. Your life is significant.

No matter what self-talk is spinning around your brain right now, memorize those four truths and meditate on them. Our bodies are temporary. Only our souls are eternal. Spend some time nurturing your soul. When it is mature and fully ripened, we can see ourselves as we really are...precious in His sight.

Loving Father, help me to process and absorb the truth. I want to see myself through Your tender eyes. I am Your vessel. In Jesus' holy name, Amen.

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