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Do Hard Things

"I need help, Carol," the voice on the other end of the phone pleaded, "Can you come over, please?"

A dear friend from church had buried his beloved wife a few weeks before. He needed someone to help him sort through her extensive wardrobe of clothes, shoes and jewelry. As I helped him make piles to donate, give to family and distribute at church, he broke down.

I held his hand as sobs racked his frame. I made some tea and we talked and cried together. It was a hard day; one I will never forget. And I'm grateful to God for the lesson He taught me. Doing the right thing is sometimes doing a hard thing, and our Heavenly Father rewards the effort.

A disciple is a student of Jesus Christ. There is a difference between being a Christian and being a disciple. Going to church on Sunday morning and saying grace before dinner is merely scratching the surface. There comes a point where I must become intentional in my actions.

God chose you to be a disciple.

Will you mode…

Preach the Word

Last November, the long-time pastor of our little church retired. A challenge has now begun--how to find a new shepherd for our flock. Many meetings and conversations have followed and one of the biggest questions we have is "what are we looking for in a new pastor?"

Preachers are a rare bunch. Most are outgoing and effective communicators with superior knowledge of the Bible and a strong faith in God. It takes a special person to counsel the grieving, broker peace between feuding friends and unplug a toilet or two, as needed.  

Here's my wish list for a new pastor:

Must have a heart for God and his people.
All people. Not just the pretty ones. Or the nice ones.

Must lead by example.
Be someone others want to follow.

Must speak the truth with love.
Not a hammer.

It's easy to build up unrealistic expectations when it comes to a new leader, but we're not looking for a superhero. A human, that admits to his mistakes and is made of flesh and blood will do just fine.

Joy List

These are five things that brought me joy today.

1. My dear friend from church, Miss Pat, made fudge for me and I had two pieces today. Bliss!
2. I got a lot accomplished at work.
3. The sun shone for a few minutes during lunch and I got to sit in my chair and watch it.
4. A warm, fuzzy robe on a cold winter's morning sure feels good.
5. The Hubster gave me a huge hug today and nuzzled his soft beard against my cheek.

How about you? What was a little spot of joy in your day?


Female in Motion Health Update: I worked fewer hours last week. It was weird to have some free time, but I napped Sunday afternoon and that was simply wonderful. Also, I lost two pounds in the last two weeks.


Notable Quote:

Psalm 144:15 (KJV) Happy is that people, that is in such a case: yea, happy is that people, whose God is the LORD.

Peeling Off the Mask

As a junior in high school, I was one of our school's mascots. It was fun to wear the Derby Panther costume and entertain at sporting events. Inside the safety of that huge head and fuzzy black suit, I could dance, flirt with boys and generally act sillier than I ever could as myself.

During the periods in my life when I struggle with depression, I cover myself with a happy demeanor, so that no one sees the sadness within. If you met me on one of those days, you'd think I was carefree. In reality, I wrestle with negative thoughts and hopeless emotions.

The scribes and Pharisees in Matthew 23 were called hypocrites by Jesus, because they acted religious, but were full of hatred for their fellow man. If these men had worn scary Halloween masks, no one would have taken them seriously. Their false doctrine was honored, due to their fine apparel and smiling faces.

When I peel away the layers of protection and share my true feelings, I am more able to truly connect with others.…