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Project Carol

Today, I thought I would fill you in about Project Carol, which I mentioned last week.

It began long, long ago in a galaxy far, far way...oh, yeah, that was Star Wars! Anyhoo, after Sarah graduated from high school, I realized that I had quite a bit of time on my hands. Sarah is my first daughter; she's 24 now. Beautiful, smart like her father, an artist's temperament. When she graduated, I decided to go back and finally finish college. Well, I sort of accomplished that. I did get my associate's degree in English in 2005. That was also the year that Rachel, my youngest daughter, graduated from high school. Rachel is 20 now, pretty, poised and people are drawn to her.(Also smart as a whip, sorry, Kib!)

We sent Rachel off to college that fall, and I basically cleaned myself into a frenzy. Oh, did I mention that when I'm upset, or nervous, or bored, or angry, or none of the above...I clean. Yes, I admit it. I have a monkey on my back, and he reeks of Clorox!!!

After my hou…


Okay, I think I'm starting to make some progress with this exercise thing. I just got back from FitZone this morning, and I feel stronger, more powerful. Maybe it's just me!

I can now make it through three cycles of circuit training! Okay, the last time around I have to bargain with myself to make it to the next station...but I'm doing it! And I'm not one of those girls who barely break a sweat. I sweat like a pig! At least I know I'm doing something.

Today, this muscle-bound jughead stuck his head around the curtain.

What is this place?" he asked, grinning.

"Women only!" I puffed, in between reps.

"No kidding!" he marveled.

I wanted to say something snarky, but I was too exhausted to bother.

"Yup," I exhaled.

"Wow!" he answered. Some people are simply brilliant! I think the curtain was just too much for him. He's probably the type that peeks in his friend's cupboards, too.

Oh, yeah, I talked to Amy last week. She is …

My First Blog!

Hi, Everybody! Welcome to my new blog! It's called "Female in Motion" because that's the name of the place I work out every morning. FIM is located inside FitZone in my hometown. I am really excited about this new place, and the opportunity I have to get fit and meet a lot of nice folks!

First of all, I'm not a fitness fanatic! I'm a normal 45-year-old woman. I am a Female in Motion, as most of us are, because I do a lot of things every day. I am a wife, mom, and partner in a small business. I need a lot of energy to do all the things I have to do every day, and working out seems to help.

The machines at FIM are really great, and circuit training works really well for me. I work up a really good sweat and all my muscle groups are involved. Plus, it only takes 30 minutes! There is fun music playing, and a voice prompt reminds you to move to the next station every 30 seconds. Hey, I can stand anything for 30 seconds! Amy Turner is the manager of the FIM area, a…