Project Carol

Today, I thought I would fill you in about Project Carol, which I mentioned last week.

It began long, long ago in a galaxy far, far way...oh, yeah, that was Star Wars! Anyhoo, after Sarah graduated from high school, I realized that I had quite a bit of time on my hands. Sarah is my first daughter; she's 24 now. Beautiful, smart like her father, an artist's temperament. When she graduated, I decided to go back and finally finish college. Well, I sort of accomplished that. I did get my associate's degree in English in 2005. That was also the year that Rachel, my youngest daughter, graduated from high school. Rachel is 20 now, pretty, poised and people are drawn to her.(Also smart as a whip, sorry, Kib!)

We sent Rachel off to college that fall, and I basically cleaned myself into a frenzy. Oh, did I mention that when I'm upset, or nervous, or bored, or angry, or none of the above...I clean. Yes, I admit it. I have a monkey on my back, and he reeks of Clorox!!!

After my house was declared a "sterile zone," it dawned on me that I should find other things to do. I started reading more, writing a little, hanging out with people I love (like my mom!), and exercising. I'm working on growing my fingernails out, too, but that's going to take a long time. I'm a lifelong nail biter!

I discovered something weird about working out. In addition to losing pounds and inches, and buckets of sweat, I was feeling better...emotionally. Some people call it runner's high. I just feel happier, better, right with the world, on days that I work out. And don't discount that "powerful" thing. I really dig that! I am starting to feel more powerful. No, I don't go around lifting Volkswagens, but I do feel more agile, or aware of my body.

There's this woman at FitZone that is the epitome of "power." I think her name is Drea. She and her husband and five of their eight children (!) work out there. Yeah, she has time to work out. I don't want to get all weird, but she has a body that women everywhere would kill for. No, not the model skinny, waif-looking body, but muscular, lean, like Venus Williams. Every muscle on her body is a work of art. I don't think I'll ever be that lean, but I sure would like a little bit of that muscle tone.

I think this week I'll try the elliptical machine. How bad could it be? If my arm's in a sling next week, I'll have to type my column with my toes! Ha!
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