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I Hate Winter!

This is going to be a bit of a rant...but I am getting sick and tired of winter. Enough already! How many snows have we had? Twenty or 25? I've lost count. And don't get me started about ice storms. Even when the weather warms up, like today. We still haven't had any sunshine in way too long.

I guess I'm whining a little because we had to postpone my birthday party due to bad weather. Yes, The Old Lady got a little older last week. I'm 46 now. I don't mind telling people because I like birthdays and I like being alive! The Hubster was taking me to Wichita for dinner and a movie with the girls and my mom, but we'll have to wait until the weather is better. Whenever that might be!

My birthday gift from The Hubster was a winner. He bought me a new digital camera! A Canon Elph, just like my daughters have. I'm really excited to learn all about it. Soon I will be emailing photos to friends and family and uploading funny shots on this very blog!

The crappy weat…

Does Everyone Have the Flu???

I spent last week driving back and forth from Wichita, playing nurse to the girls who both had the flu. Of course, Rachel had to outdo her big sister and got pneumonia! There were lots of trips to doctors, Walgreens, Sonic (for Route 44 iced teas) and the grocery store for soup, juice and other liquids. I've never seen so many fevers, body aches, nose blowing and nasty coughing!

Thank goodness, both girls are feeling better now. It was a blessing that I haven't come down with anything either. All that exercise helps. It keeps your immune system pumping! I had enough energy to take care of them and do all my regular work, too. I billed over $80,000.00 worth of claims last week.

I got the results back from my annual physical last week, and my cholesterol is down 22 points! Yea! My doctor's precise quote was: "You are disgustingly healthy!" I need to keep working on my triglicerides, though. I guess I'll keep up the oatmeal. If anyone has any other tips, let me kn…

Happy Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day! It's not all about getting chocolates and flowers. It's about showing the people around me just how much I care. Corny, I know, but that's the way I feel. And not just my husband, but my family and friends, too.

It's a lot of fun to send people cards, flowers, chocolates, jewelry and crazy stuffed animals. I make sure to include my mom, The Hubster's granny, and all the rug rats at church. It sure makes my day when I see their smiling faces...all smeared with chocolate! Setting aside a day to remember how much you are loved is a good thing, I think.

The Hubster and I had a visit on Friday morning from two very special people, Steve & Therese Kent. They live in Kansas City now, but back in the day they lived in Ark City and we worked together and went to church together and hung out a lot. We always feel better about life when we talk to them. They are very positive and upbeat. Steve is a computer guy, like The Hubster, but he recently …

The Real Super Bowl

I understand that there was some sort of professional football game held on Sunday. Sports, as a rule, are not that big a deal around my house. We're a little bit busy with computers and church and food and cats and books and music and...oh, yeah, blogs! There is one international sporting event that took place yesterday that was celebrated big-time at our house--The Puppy Bowl!!!

The Fourth Annual Puppy Bowl was held last night on Animal Planet. It features lots of adorable puppies of all breeds on a "football" field with lots of toys and a glass-bottom water dish that shows the puppies refreshing themselves during frequent breaks. These dogs are so fun to watch! They just play and romp and tussle (and occasionally piddle!). There are referees who come out and break up anything that gets too rough, or call a foul if one of the puppies takes a dump.

Sponsors for this canine event are Bissell, Oust and Pedigree dog food, all for obvious reasons. As if funny, happy puppies …