I Hate Winter!

This is going to be a bit of a rant...but I am getting sick and tired of winter. Enough already! How many snows have we had? Twenty or 25? I've lost count. And don't get me started about ice storms. Even when the weather warms up, like today. We still haven't had any sunshine in way too long.

I guess I'm whining a little because we had to postpone my birthday party due to bad weather. Yes, The Old Lady got a little older last week. I'm 46 now. I don't mind telling people because I like birthdays and I like being alive! The Hubster was taking me to Wichita for dinner and a movie with the girls and my mom, but we'll have to wait until the weather is better. Whenever that might be!

My birthday gift from The Hubster was a winner. He bought me a new digital camera! A Canon Elph, just like my daughters have. I'm really excited to learn all about it. Soon I will be emailing photos to friends and family and uploading funny shots on this very blog!

The crappy weather has given me a chance to finish reading Mockingbird and zip right through The Sunflower by Richard Paul Evans. A quick read that had romance and travel, two of my favs!

The Hubster and I watched two great videos last weekend. We pulled the couch around to face the TV, added pillows, a blanket and sprinkled liberally with cats. The original War of the Worlds (1953)was so great. Rachel loves the scene where the alien is shown through the window, waving his arms in the air. It's campy fun! We also watched Only You, a romantic comedy with Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey, Jr. The setting is Italy, a place I fantasize about often. Maybe someday!

I worked out at FitZone twice last week, and at home on the treadmill twice. (The weather!) Anyway, that makes four times a week, two weeks in a row! I have also noticed that my t-shirts are fitting better on my hips. I believe I have a lost a little more in that area. Yippee!

The cold, wet weather makes me crave heavy food, though. I have to be careful about that. Bought more salad at the store today. I'm trying to increase my herbal tea intake, too. That warms the belly and the bones!
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