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Kill Cancer!

My life has been touched by cancer. That's not so unusual. Everyone has a cancer story. Maybe your aunt or grandpa or second cousin twice removed had it. Everyone hates cancer...but who's going to do something about it?

I am a cancer survivor. My mother and sister conquered breast cancer. My father died of lung cancer. The Hubster has a chronic cancer condition. Loads of my other relatives have been touched by the disease. I don't want to lose any more loved ones. I don't want to see anyone else suffer. Let's take back control. Researchers are working hard to find a cure. Why can't we do our part?

What's my part, you ask? Take better care of the body that God has given you. Eat right (yes, vegetables!), exercise more days than not, drink water, not soda, and see a doctor regularly. Most importantly, stop smoking! And if you don't smoke, don't you dare start!

I don't want to ever witness another person I love suffer the agony that is cancer. Life i…

Traveling in Style

I took quite a little road trip on Saturday. First, I was up at 6 a.m. and on the road by 7:15. That is completely out of character for me, because I am NOT a morning person. I had motivation, however. The Fall meeting of the Kansas Authors Club District #3 was in Coffeyville on Saturday, and I wanted to be there.

Being a member of one of the oldest and most prestigious writers groups in America is a privilege I don't take lightly. This district only meets twice per year, so I make an extra effort to attend. Besides, our group is hosting the State Convention in Fall 2011, so we need to get organized. We discussed fund-raising efforts, the convention and writing projects, then enjoyed a tasty potluck lunch.

That was only half of my day, though. I arrived home around 2 p.m., and by 3:30 The Hubster and I were back on the road to Wichita. After a quick stop in Derby to pick up my mom, we were ready for The Hubster's birthday party at Kanai Restaurant in west Wichita. Our daughter…

When God Doesn't Make Sense

Two things have happened recently that really claw at the fabric of my faith. Not that I am questioning God. My human brain just can't comprehend that there is such suffering and grief in this world. When it reaches out and slaps you in the face, it makes you stop and take a look at why you believe, what you believe.

A five-year-old boy I know fell ill several days ago and had to be hospitalized. He soon fell into a deep coma. Last weekend, he was declared brain-dead and his family had to make the impossible decision to take him off life support. He passed away on Sunday. My heart goes out to this suffering family.

A dear friend is recovering from a life-threatening illness and hospitalization. His wife had x-rays last week, and was found to have two large tumors on her brain. They are good and generous people with a vital ministry to this community. I am praying daily that God will restore the health of these two precious souls.

What do you say when God doesn't make sense? That…

You Haven't Aged a Bit!

The Derby High School Class of 1980 reunion was held last weekend. The Hubster and I attended the Saturday night event, a get-together at a Wichita sports bar. It's a funny thing, how you can walk through an ordinary-looking doorway and enter into a parallel dimension. I walked into an Old Town drinking establishment and entered the hallways of my high school, circa 1980.

It was great to talk to several people that I hadn't seen since I graduated. Most were friends from choir (I was a vocal music nerd). The mixed ensemble I was in my senior year was called Madrigals. We performed all over the region for all kinds of groups and occasions. The guys wore snappy suits and us gals were decked out in what we referred to as "glorified bathrobes." See Facebook profile picture to the right of this entry for a glimpse. We were good, despite the gowns.

The Hubster and I had to leave the reunion early, due to his back pain, but it was interesting to see all the folks I left behind…