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Summer of Simplicity: A Simple Meal

Mark 6:52 (KJV) For they considered not the miracle of the loaves: for their heart was hardened.

I went to a large wedding some time back, where the meal served at the reception was so sumptuous, so over-the-top, that in between the eight courses were palate cleansers of divine libations, soups and sorbets. The entire dinner was so exquisite, I still remember the smallest detail.

My mom is a great cook. On my way home from school every day, I knew a delicious, home-cooked meal would be served that evening. Mom was a stickler for good nutrition, so we would always have meat, starch, vegetable and salad. We never had to worry, there was enough on the table for all six of us, and usually plenty left over. 

In the first few verses of chapter six of Mark, Christ uses five barley loaves and two small fishes to make a meal for the masses gathered to hear him speak. Jesus' disciples witnessed this miracle. Later the same day, He sent the men across the sea in a ship. A sudden storm toss…

Summer of Simplicity: A Letter From God

Last weekend was emotionally and physically exhausting. Our church hosted a funeral on Saturday morning, followed by a family carnival later that day. In addition to regular services on Sunday, it made for a very full weekend.

When I'm feeling out of sorts, I re-read a Word document I created in 2010. It's titled, "A Letter From God." This missive reminds me that I am God's precious child, created with a unique purpose.

Summer of Simplicity: Bucket List

Isaiah 32:18 (KJV) And my people shall dwell in a peaceable habitation, and in sure dwellings, and in quiet resting places.

When winter snows fly, I like curling up at home with a novel under a cozy quilt, but when the heat of summer sets in, my first instinct is to pack up and go.

Summer vacations during my childhood were two-week tours of National Parks, for the most part. Just the six of us, packed like sardines into an un-air-conditioned Ford Falcon station wagon. Surprisingly, I have many happy memories of those trips. In fact, before I leave this planet, I want to visit all the National Parks, and a bunch of other places.

Most of my personal Bucket List items are travel-related. That's just who I am--busy and on the go. This summer, however, I'm trying to take things slow. Some days I'm more successful than others.

Here's some ideas for your family's Summer Bucket List:

1. Run through the sprinklers.
2. Sleep in.
3. Movie marathon.
4. Catch fireflies.
5. S…

Summer of Simplicity: A Cup of Cold Water

On Friday night, while Independence Day was in full swing, I made my way to our church, my car loaded down with bottled water and bagged ice. Missionary Baptist Church is perfectly situated on the peak of a hill, near the municipal golf course where the fireworks are set off. Several other volunteers were there, and we took turns greeting guests and offering them a cold beverage along with information about our church and its ministries.

For years, citizens of our small town find empty lots near the fireworks display and park to view the show. As my pastor approached one car, the driver said, "Oh, are we not supposed to park here?" Chris chuckled, and assured them they were welcome to stay and offered them bottled water.

It's a simple thing, really. Everyone is free to come and enjoy the water.

When Jesus met the woman at the well, He spoke of thirsting for spiritual water and she asked Him for a drink of that "living water."

It's a simple thing, reall…