Summer of Simplicity: A Letter From God

Last weekend was emotionally and physically exhausting. Our church hosted a funeral on Saturday morning, followed by a family carnival later that day. In addition to regular services on Sunday, it made for a very full weekend.

When I'm feeling out of sorts, I re-read a Word document I created in 2010. It's titled, "A Letter From God." This missive reminds me that I am God's precious child, created with a unique purpose.

Dearest Carol,

I am taking the time to write you this letter, first because I know how much you enjoy getting mail, and second, because I feel there are some vital things I need to share with you.

You call yourself weak, I call you sensitive. You call yourself loud, I call you audacious. You call yourself selfish, I call you an encourager. When you call yourself these negative terms you not only limit yourself, you also limit My ability to bless you and work in your life.

I made you in My image, and I want you to be who I made you in the first place. Be that woman for Me. I made you sensitive, not to be full of anxiety, but to be compassionate to others. I made you audacious, not to make people look at you, but to make people see Me through you. I made you an encourager, not to lift others above yourself, but to show them who they have the potential to be.

Use these qualities for Me now and it will change everything; your life, your outlook and your relationship with Me. Give over your life completely to Me and watch the miracles happen. Release the frustration of your limits and allow Me to direct your steps. Those steps don’t have to be giant leaps of faith. Just take a baby step and I will meet you there. Every time you move, I will be by your side.

Sometimes you think that you can take care of yourself…that you don’t need to bother Me with the little things in your life. I want you to know that kind of thinking is dangerous. Nothing done under your own steam can ever be as good as I can make it. Relinquish to Me all your burdens and see what I can do.

 I CAN HANDLE IT! I want to take care of you, just like you take care of everyone else in your life. Allow Me to do My job, and see the difference that it makes.  You don’t need to do more. You are already enough for Me.

You are my child. From that moment on February 14, 1982, when you asked Me to forgive you of your sins and come into your life, I have watched you change. Some of those changes were immediate, but some are taking a lifetime to achieve. One of the most difficult things for you to do is forgive yourself of past mistakes. You will forgive others their trespasses against you, but hold a grudge against yourself forever.

When you faithfully ask Me to forgive you of your sins daily, I do. And then they are no more. But you seem to carry the guilt and shame around your neck like a really ugly necklace. Fear, shame and guilt are straight from the devil. They have no place with Me.

I want you to set yourself free, as I already have done. Free to move forward, free to try new paths and free to make mistakes along the way. Don’t forget, I will be right by your side the whole way, cheering you on. Do My will! Fear not!

Until you come Home, I remain,

Your loving Father

Now that you've read my letter, would you consider writing one of your own? Isn't it time you received a letter from God?


Female in Motion Health Update: I am slowly starting an exercise regimen, however I am hampered by continuing problems with arthritis and inflammation in my legs, ankles and feet. Patience with myself is not one of my strong points, so I need to cut myself some slack.


Notable Quote:

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.--e.e. cummings

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