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Everything Old is New Again

Have you ever had one of those weeks when everything in your house just stops working? Like all the light bulbs burning out at the same time, or your washer and your car both die on the same day? Is it some sort of cosmic energy drain, or does God just really want to get your attention?

The Hubster and I had one of those weeks last week. First thing Saturday morning, the garage door opener died. To say that our garage door opener was elderly, is being kind. It was old when we moved in 20 years ago. Still, we were surprised when it pooped out. You never realize how lazy you've gotten until you have to open and close your own garage door, numerous times per day. Highly overrated.

Next to conk out was the dishwasher. It didn't exactly die, it just became obsolete. The dish racks were rusting, so I decided to go online and try to buy replacements. The total for two racks was $350. New Kenmore dishwashers start at $400. We decided to go with a new model.*sigh*

The vacuum cleaner didn…

Time Flies

This week has flown by like Smokey hot on the trail of The Bandit! I filled it up with lots of activities: house cleaning, KWA meeting, produce shopping, writing, editing, more house cleaning, and lots of company! Oh, and I worked a little bit, too.

I have been cleaning out lots of closets and rooms lately, and I think it might be contagious. Rachel asked me to help her clean out stuff from her place last week, too. I'm a little bit weird that way. I really enjoy cleaning, and will actually do it for friends and family. Sick, huh?

Speaking of Rachel, The Hubster ran into one of her best buds from school, Antoinette Abington, last week. She was in town to visit family, having just graduated cum laude from Florida A&M. Antoinette is newly engaged, as well. When she stopped by The Hubster's office, he happened to be on the phone with Rachel. Antoinette just took the cell phone out of his hand, said, "Hey, Root Beer!" and off they went! They always were just like two p…

D.I.Y. Update

So far, so good. The old carpet is a distant, albeit stinky memory and the front bedroom in my house is looking much better than it did seven days ago. I was down on my knees like an English housemaid for three days, knocking the tack strips up and then scrubbing off the remnants of the old padding. The wood is finally starting to take on a slight glow.

My two creative daughters already have great ideas for the room. We are going to pow wow on Father's Day to put our thoughts together in a pot, stir it up, and see what kind of stew we can make! Sarah is a whiz with color, art and textures, while Rachel's specialties are homey touches, like bedding, lamps and rugs. Let them loose in Pier 1, and thirty minutes later you have a room worthy of an Architectural Digest cover.


I went to the dentist last week. Just a teeth cleaning, nothing major. I started thinking about how long I have been going to Dr. Alan Marcotte's office in Winfield (15 years), and how much I love spending…

D.I.Why Do I Do These Things???

It was going to be a nice, quiet Monday. In fact, I had nothing planned but work and a little vacuuming. I went into the spare bedroom to retrieve the vacuum cleaner this afternoon, took a look around, and decided I couldn't take it any more. I just had to completely gut the room and start over. Ladies, do you know what I mean?

First, I emptied the room of all furniture and bric-a-brac. The next step was ominous. I pulled the old carpet up, which was the color of three-day-old dishwater. Yup, nasty stuff! The Hubster caught me huffing and puffing to get the last of it out when he arrived home from work. He stood there with his mouth open for a moment, then I beat him to the punch. "I know, I know, I've lost my mind again!" I muttered between grunts.

God answered my prayers, because underneath that hideous mess of brownness was a beautiful hardwood floor. Or, it will be when I get it swept up and polished to a fare-thee-well. The cats had taken over this bedroom of late…

June is Busting Out All Over!

Hooray! June is finally here. I am ready for warm weather, cookouts,'s always about food for me, isn't it? I really look forward to summer, except for the bugs and the sweating. Gosh, I'm whiny today! Aren't you glad you took time out of your busy day to read this?

On Friday evening, I set out with seven members of the musically talented Coldwell clan to attend a singspiration in Kingfisher, OK. Our church fellowships with a number of churches in Oklahoma. Victory Baptist hosts an annual evening of gospel music, food and fun. Kingfisher is just west of OKC, so it took us approximately 2 1/2 hours to get there. The trip was worth it, though, there were a lot of very gifted people there.

The evening was highlighted by an abundance of rich voices. Great accompaniment was provided by guitars, bass, clavinova and even a harmonica solo. Songs ranged from traditional hymns to contemporary Christian numbers. Our church brought four songs to offer. We had a great vis…