Time Flies

This week has flown by like Smokey hot on the trail of The Bandit! I filled it up with lots of activities: house cleaning, KWA meeting, produce shopping, writing, editing, more house cleaning, and lots of company! Oh, and I worked a little bit, too.

I have been cleaning out lots of closets and rooms lately, and I think it might be contagious. Rachel asked me to help her clean out stuff from her place last week, too. I'm a little bit weird that way. I really enjoy cleaning, and will actually do it for friends and family. Sick, huh?

Speaking of Rachel, The Hubster ran into one of her best buds from school, Antoinette Abington, last week. She was in town to visit family, having just graduated cum laude from Florida A&M. Antoinette is newly engaged, as well. When she stopped by The Hubster's office, he happened to be on the phone with Rachel. Antoinette just took the cell phone out of his hand, said, "Hey, Root Beer!" and off they went! They always were just like two peas in a pod.


The Ark City Farmer's Market is open for the summer, and the vendors are starting to lay out the goods. The Hubster and I made a trip last Thursday evening (that's when it's held), and we found zucchini, new potatoes, blackberry and cherry jam, and local honey. Yum! We ate the zucchini tonight, sauteed in olive oil with a little red onion, salt and pepper. Now it is officially summer. I just wish the market signs were grammatically correct! (But, that's a different matter.)


Our church witnessed a historic event on Sunday morning. Jessica Coldwell presented an original song, played and sung by herself. Called "Autographed Heart," it was a beautiful and complex piece. Way too mature for her young age of 18. I predict that this song will become quite popular in this area, if not with a wider audience. What a gift of God!


Father's Day was Sunday and we had plenty of company. My sweet mom came down for church and then dinner afterward. Both our girls were there, along with Sarah's fella, Derek. He's a sweetie. The Big Guy got some cool stuff to put in his new "relaxation room."


I attended a really interesting Kansas Writer's Association meeting in Wichita on Saturday. The speaker was Jerry Engler, a gifted poet and storyteller. He is a retired farm editor for the Topeka Capitol-Journal, and now spends his time writing on his horse farm near Marion Reservoir. What a fascinating man! He struck me as a cross between Santa Claus and Hemingway. Or, as Derek said, gin with an eggnog chaser!


If I started a writer's group in Ark City, would anyone be interested in coming? It wouldn't be for pros, just some folks who like to write and could share ideas with others. I have spoken to a few people who have expressed an interest. If we could gather ten people from the area, I think that would be a good start. We could meet at the library or college once a month. Please contact me if you want more information.


Notable Quote(s):

"Stop praying in cliches and start praying your guts. God can handle your honesty."--Sermon Snippets

"Don't be afraid to go out on a limb. That's where the fruit is."--Writing.com quote
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