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The Terrible Twos

On August 13, 2007, I embarked on a new and challenging adventure. I began to write a blog called, "Female in Motion." Because of my upbringing, I never give up on anything and work hard to accomplish whatever I set out to do. So I vowed to write weekly columns, and I have succeeded in that effort. This infant blog has grown, changed and become a somewhat locally noted, colorful toddler. And now...the terrible twos!

Two years ago, this blog's focus was firmly on fitness. Mine, of course. While I continue to update my readers each week on my workouts, it is no longer the sole target of my writing. I found that my life contains all kinds of things: family, church, work, cats, music, movies, books, and a million others. Almost every woman in a small town in the Midwest has a similar story. I write about mine, and hopefully I have a unique voice. Thanks for reading!


I'm going gray. This is not a startling revelation; I got my first gray hair around age 21. I have been f…

Reading is FUNdamental!

Recently, I have renewed my acquaintance with the Arkansas City Public Library. We are old friends, actually. It is such a pretty and historic building. I first visited this library within days of marrying The Hubster, more than 28 years ago. Libraries and I go way, way back.

I was always a reader. When I was a kid, my favorite time of year was when the William Allen White Award winners list came out. I proudly bore that list to my school library and checked out every one. Usually, the librarian had them all set aside for me already. (We had a very simpatico relationship). In the sixth grade, I won a special award, because I had read every book in the school's library.

Every Saturday, I rode my bike or my dad dropped me off at the Derby Public Library. It was a modern concept (in the 70's) building with a sunken reading pit full of pillows and modular study cubicles. I spent many happy hours there, roaming the stacks, absorbing books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, Mark Twain, Charles …

Learning for a Lifetime

I found out last week that a close friend is going back to college to finish her degree. I'm so excited for her! She called to ask questions about online classes and whether I thought it was a good idea. I told her to go for it. When I went back in 2001, I was really scared, but I started out slowly and built my confidence. Education is vital to a well-rounded life, regardless if you use it for a career or not.

A major regret in my life is not finishing my bachelor's degree. After I graduated from Cowley in 2005, I intended on working toward it right away. Life got in the way, however, as it usually does. I don't need a degree to better my career or income, but I want one to satisfy my emotional and educational thirst for knowledge. College was always a big goal in my family, and with my dad's memorial scholarship at the University of Missouri, we can support education for future generations of students.


I went to Grant Williams' latest book signing at the library…

Those Who Have Gone On Before Us

Today was my Grandmother Monson's birthday. She passed away in 1985, at the ripe old age of 93. Feisty to the end. Grandmother was smart, well-read, loving, hard-working, a perfect lady, and my hero. She always made time for me; always made me feel special. Most of my family say I am a lot like her...except for that whole ladylike thing.

My grandmother raised five kids on a small farm in the rolling hill country of Missouri, mostly by herself. Her husband died when my father, the youngest, was only 9 months old. Grandmother got a job in the post office, going in early to light the stoves and clean the office. She always had a huge garden, full of a myriad of fruit trees, a bounty of veggies and the most stunningly beautiful rose garden I have ever seen. Simply put, she could make a rock grow.

Grandmother Monson had an abundance of energy. Even while sitting down, she would always have some quilting or crocheting project in her lap, her hands working furiously. In her later years, G…

Brinner or Brupper?

Tonight, The Hubster made breakfast for supper. I love that! Something about the flip-flop of traditional meal items seems forbidden and slightly naughty. Like having steak for breakfast. Or, in my misspent youth...cold pizza.

Huevos Rancheros was on the menu tonight. The Hubster started with corn tortillas, then added refried black beans, fragrant seasoned rice, over-easy eggs, shredded cheese and fresh salsa. Yup, I'm spoiled rotten! Seriously, this is one of my favorite meals. I have dreams about eating this dish. Now you know why I have to work out every week.


We watched three good independent films last week. I like independents, because they are not formulaic like the big studio movies. We saw "The Visitor," about a college professor who befriends young immigrants, "Fireproof," a Christian film about divorce starring Kirk Cameron, and a movie about the start of the wine trade in Napa Valley, CA, called "Bottle Shock." Netflix is great about car…