Brinner or Brupper?

Tonight, The Hubster made breakfast for supper. I love that! Something about the flip-flop of traditional meal items seems forbidden and slightly naughty. Like having steak for breakfast. Or, in my misspent youth...cold pizza.

Huevos Rancheros was on the menu tonight. The Hubster started with corn tortillas, then added refried black beans, fragrant seasoned rice, over-easy eggs, shredded cheese and fresh salsa. Yup, I'm spoiled rotten! Seriously, this is one of my favorite meals. I have dreams about eating this dish. Now you know why I have to work out every week.


We watched three good independent films last week. I like independents, because they are not formulaic like the big studio movies. We saw "The Visitor," about a college professor who befriends young immigrants, "Fireproof," a Christian film about divorce starring Kirk Cameron, and a movie about the start of the wine trade in Napa Valley, CA, called "Bottle Shock." Netflix is great about carrying a large quantity of unusual films that aren't shown in this neck of the woods. "Fireproof" is rated PG, the other two are PG-13.


The Derby FCA held a huge citywide garage sale at the Christian Church last week. Mom and I hit it pretty hard. We meandered through the home decor, clothing and shoes, and then camped out in the book section. The sale was in a gymnasium, and one whole wall was devoted to books. I found devotionals, kids books, art books, textbooks and Christian fiction. The love of reading runs in the family.


Our youngest cat, Mimi, had her one-year checkup and vaccinations last Tuesday. She didn't much care for getting in and out of the cat carrier, but Mimi loved the car ride. She looked at everything around her with fresh eyes. Dr. Abrams' associate said that Mimi was a fine figure of a cat, and gave her a clean bill of health. She wiggled a lot during the exam...Mimi, not the vet! She was kind of lethargic the next day...again, the cat, not the vet.

Exercise Update:

I did four sets of hand weight calisthenics and four aerobic workouts last week. I'm working on upping the reps on the hand weights. I'll keep you apprised.

Notable Quote:

"When my contentment is defined by my circumstances, my life is defined by having control. The more you try to exercise control, the less control you actually have."--Sermon Snippets
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