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Signs of Spring

I saw daffodils blooming across the street today! Could Spring be far behind? The robins are really starting to get thick in our neighborhood, and the weeds are peeking up in our yard. These are all hopeful signs. The long, cold winter is almost over!


My birthday was yesterday. I turned 47. It's not a bad thing, I actually enjoy my birthday, unlike most middle-aged women. I feel like I have earned each grey hair and every single wrinkle. Plus, I'm a survivor...of cancer, parenting teens and just plain breathing.

I got lots of nice birthday cards and phone calls and books (my favorite gift!). The Hubster made a feast of sage roasted turkey, baked sweet potatoes and chocolate cake. I know, I know, I'm spoiled rotten! Since it was Sunday, we did the usual morning and evening church services and I sang in the morning worship hour. All in all, it was a nice, quiet and satisfying day.


We tried a new recipe tonight, and it was a big winner! Sausage and peppers by Giada De Laur…

Ode to Fritos

Fritos are my favorite snack,
If you give me a bag, you're not getting it back!
Tomato soup, Fritos and grilled cheese,
My childhood memories are made of these.
Simply crafted of corn, oil and salt
Fritos, forever you will live in my heart.
Health food they just might be,
If not, who cares? Fritos, I love thee!

Okay, if you don't know it by now, I'm a bit of a nut! But mostly, this week, I'm a nut over Fritos. The Hubster and I were chatting about how much we adore this corny snack and the myriad of ways to enjoy them. He's a chili pie fanatic, I'm more of a purist, right out of the bag! (By the way, they're gluten-free.)


Watched a great Netflix indie movie on Saturday night. "Penelope" stars Christina Ricci, James McAvoy and Reese Witherspoon. Set in London, this quirky fairy tale centers on a poor little rich girl, born with a curse. She has a pig's nose!


My friend/mentor/therapist, Dean Hall, has written a new book, "A Girl's Guide to …

Lap of Luxury

First, I want to extend a humble apology to all my "legions" of blog fans, who missed my new post last week. I made a commitment 1 1/2 years ago to post weekly to my blog. And I fell down on the job. I do have a reason, but it is a paltry excuse. I was on vacation!

The Hubster, the in-laws and I made a journey to Houston, TX last week to visit with his aunt, uncle and grandmother. The in-laws hadn't flown in years, and were reticent to fly alone, so The Hubster and I tagged along. We flew out of Tulsa, so it would be a direct flight to Houston Intercontinental (Bush). After a relatively uneventful trip, we arrived to warm Texas breezes and an even warmer welcome from The Hubster's Aunt Rosie and Uncle David.

Rosie is the kind of hostess everyone wants to be: kind, generous and down-to-earth. Their home is what most would consider a 5-star tropical resort, but she and David call it home. The dwelling is 7,000 square feet, six master bedrooms, eight bathrooms, gourmet ki…