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One With Christ

Last week, I blogged about the power and intimacy of prayer. This subject seemed to resonate with many of you (and me!), so I will continue on this subject for another couple of weeks. Today, I'm focusing on intimacy with Christ.

James 4:8a (KJV) Draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you.
An intimate relationship with God is what most Christians want...and need. However, the possibility of a real and true friendship with our Heavenly Father can only be achieved through a personal relationship with Christ. A salvation experience. When you ask God to forgive your sins and come to live in your heart, it changes you. In II Corinthians 5:17, the Bible says you become a "new creature."

The key to this new creation is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. He takes up residence in our hearts. Our bodies are Christ's new temple. This is how God communicates with us while we are here on Earth. Once you experience the presence of God, you'll be hungry for more. This inti…

Prayer is Powerful

Luke 18:1b (KJV)                                                       "...that men ought always to pray, and not to faint; "

Last year, a Christian friend started a Facebook group, called "Prayer Warriors." The only requirement is you pray at least once for the requests that are made on the page. Yesterday, a young woman we had prayed for several months passed away. I have to admit, it hit me hard. I never met her, but Ahna impacted my life. Prayer is powerful.

When I wrote about getting "back on track" in my blog post last week, part of my intention was to get back to twice-daily devotion and prayer, and once-daily prayer with my husband. I'm not saying I had stopped praying. Sloppiness was my problem: A shortened prayer and promises for more "tomorrow." The results? Loss of intimacy.

That's the cool thing about prayer. When you have that open line of communication with God, it's like shorthand. There is a solid connection between …

Friday Date Face

Today was Date Day for The Hubster and I. We had a light schedule at work, so at noon we packed up and took off for Ponca City, OK, a mere 30 minutes away. In a way, it's a bit of a miracle. Both of us felt good today and we weren't too busy. The sun was shining brightly and it was 60 degrees in January. That counts as a miracle in my book.

Notice the matching t-shirts The Hubster and I are wearing in the photo? The graphic is the Ubuntu logo. (That's a computer operating system, to the uninitiated.) Yes, we're computer geeks, and proud of it. It pays the rent. God has greatly blessed Remote Data Services and we are grateful.

We spent the day purchasing office supplies at Staples, then hit JCP for new bedding, work pants for The Hubster and extra-large slippers for me. (My poor feet are suffering from neuropathy and are very sensitive.) After that, we were hungry. Throwing caution, and our sensible diets, to the wind, we drove south of town to the Dixie Dog.

You have…

Back on Track

Most writers (and bloggers) like to make New Years resolutions. I do not. For the last decade, however, I have been praying about things I want God to lay on my heart. Maybe a word, or a goal to focus on in the year ahead. This year, when I prayed for a word, God gave me three: Back on Track.

When I meditated and prayed about this phrase, I got the message clearly that my Heavenly Father wants me to be about His Business...I need to get back to what He commanded me to do three years ago, start an encouragement ministry through my blog, writing and speaking, helping women to recognize the gifts God has given them and using them to their fullest potential.

You see, since February 2012, I have been in survival mode. Or, maybe I should say "survivor mode." I'm currently fighting a battle with breast cancer. Treatment is going good and I should be done by the end of March. After that, I will rest a few months and then do reconstruction. It is good and right that I should pa…

Still Alive With Number 5!

I received chemotherapy treatment #5 this afternoon. Ordinarily, I would feel strong and hopeful, but tonight, besides being tired, I am homesick. You see, my uncle succumbed to cancer last week, and tomorrow is his funeral. My relatives are all gathered together, and I am not able to be with them. Family is very important to me, and I just want to be there with them, holding hands and doling out hugs and Kleenex.

 This is where I am supposed to be, moving forward...getting stronger. My family wants me to do everything I can to kick this cancer. I want to help them, but I have to help myself first. When I fly back and forth to Chicago every three weeks, the flight attendant goes over the safety precautions. When they talk about the oxygen mask, they instruct adults to put on their mask first, then help children with theirs. This reminds me that I need to get healthy first, before I can minister to anyone else.

To that end, I ate some really delicious, healthy food at the hospital t…

Friday Cowboy Face

My father-in-law surprised me with a unique Christmas gift this year...a vintage Stetson hat. Yeehaw! I am having so much fun with it. It reminds me of the days when all the kids in the neighborhood would gather together and sneak off with their mom's brooms (or their dad's rakes), to ride away to a "cattle roundup." We galloped up and down the street, lassoing doggies and singing cowboy tunes.

When you're a child, the future rolls out in front of you like a super-highway, with a million different off-ramps, each one more exciting than the last. You can try on all the hats you want, and be a cowboy, astronaut, flight attendant, traveling nurse, Navy Seal, or just a crazy lady blogger. What hats did you try on?


Glorious One, as the New Year spreads out before us, we are filled with hope for blessings and good things. We also are prepared for trials and hard times, because we know that You will be right beside us, every step of the way. Whatever befall me in 20…