Friday Date Face

The Ubuntu Twins

Today was Date Day for The Hubster and I. We had a light schedule at work, so at noon we packed up and took off for Ponca City, OK, a mere 30 minutes away. In a way, it's a bit of a miracle. Both of us felt good today and we weren't too busy. The sun was shining brightly and it was 60 degrees in January. That counts as a miracle in my book.

Notice the matching t-shirts The Hubster and I are wearing in the photo? The graphic is the Ubuntu logo. (That's a computer operating system, to the uninitiated.) Yes, we're computer geeks, and proud of it. It pays the rent. God has greatly blessed Remote Data Services and we are grateful.

We spent the day purchasing office supplies at Staples, then hit JCP for new bedding, work pants for The Hubster and extra-large slippers for me. (My poor feet are suffering from neuropathy and are very sensitive.) After that, we were hungry. Throwing caution, and our sensible diets, to the wind, we drove south of town to the Dixie Dog.

You have to know the history between the Dixie Dog and us. When we were newlyweds, The Hubster and I made occasional weekend trips to Ponca City for fun. We would stay all night in a local motel, see a movie, do a little shopping and eat out. We were typical broke youngsters, and the Dixie Dog had great burgers, fries and hot dogs at reasonable prices. Even today, when we think of this drive-in, there are great memories.

Oh, and the huge smile on my face? It's not just the butter-toasted buns. I'm crazy-in-love with the guy in the photo. Happy Friday!


Dear Father, thank You for sunny days in winter, extra-large fuzzy slippers and a husband who  truly loves me. I am grateful for Your lavish blessings. Forgive me when I forget to praise You for each and every one. In Jesus' name, Amen.
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