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Bad Moves

2 Samuel 6:7 (KJV) And the anger of the LORD was kindled against Uzzah; and God smote him there for his error; and there he died by the ark of God.

One of the Bible's hardest lessons is found in 2nd Samuel 6. In this account, King David had ordered a new cart to be built to carry the Ark of the Covenant to its new home. While it was being moved, the cart jostled and a servant of David named Uzzah reached out his hand to steady the load. He was instantly struck dead by God.

When I was a young Christian, this story was a tough one. I couldn't understand why God would be so harsh. Uzzah was only trying to help. His motives were right--but his moves were wrong.

Doing the wrong thing is never a good idea. This makes me think of the times I have done something "for God" or "for the Church," when really it was to make myself look or feel better. How would I feel if I realized that our Father was trying to make a miracle and I got in the way?!

Uzzah got between G…

Ten Years of Female in Motion

Today is the tenth anniversary of the birth of this blog, Female in Motion. Every year on my birthday, my mom calls and tells me about the day I was born. So today, I will tell you about how I gave birth to this baby--my blog.

I had been a client at Curves for several years. Remember the circuit training exercise franchises for women? Anyway, my location closed down, but another gym took its place. They purchased all the old equipment from Curves and hired the employees.

When I went in to the grand opening, I was introduced to the owner. He mentioned that he was looking to build a social media presence and perhaps, a blog. One of the former Curves employees told him that I was a computer-savvy writer. He asked me to work out for a week at the new gym and write two sample blog posts. I did, and also set up a Facebook fan page for the business. He liked the writing and asked me to start a blog with the name of the gym: Female in Motion.

The business didn't last long, but here is th…

A Walk to Remember

Last Saturday, my mother, aunt and uncle came to my little hometown for a brief visit. We had a wonderful time, touring the town, lunching in a local restaurant and talking. One of the most memorable parts was when my aunt and I had a chance to walk along downtown by ourselves. As I showed her our beautiful wall murals, we talked about our darling husbands and close bond.

I have always been told that I take after my aunt. She is super fun, smart, quick-witted and friendly. If I do resemble her, I am honored. When we get together, we enjoy laughing, joking and generally cutting up. But every once in a while, we get serious. Those are precious times.

A close, intimate relationship with the Savior is something to savor, too. If you feel like you can share anything with Him, then you are truly blessed. In Genesis, Adam and Eve strolled the garden with God in the "cool of the day." The Bible speaks of a number of men who walked with the Lord.

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