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Book, Book, Book...Bible!

Momala's Book Club Pick: "Cozy in Kansas," is a three-book collection by Nancy Mehl, a Wichita author. The 2008 trilogy, all set in fictional Winter Break, KS, are romance mystery stories with a mildly Christian bent. Mehl was nominated for the 2009 American Christian Fiction Writers Book of the Year Award in mystery for "For Whom the Wedding Bell Tolls." These stories, published by Barbour, have Ivy Towers as the main character. Ivy is a WSU student who interrupts her Christmas break to travel to Winter Break and attend to her great aunt's estate. There are lots of fun, eccentric townsfolk in this small village and it seems that most of them have secrets to keep (and secrets for Ivy to solve). I would give this collection three and a half out of five stars. It's available on To learn more about the author, go to:


Mark your calendars! Missionary Baptist Church will be hosting their annual May Fellowship meeting on Thursd…

A Little Imagination is a Dangerous Thing

A group of ladies at church were talking on Sunday about kids today not having much imagination. One said that her grandkids' constant refrain is "We're bored!" She said they'd rather watch TV or play video games than play pretend games in the yard with friends. That conjured up a lot of fun memories from my childhood days. How many characters could you be with a simple bath towel?

In my childhood neighborhood, my brother, our friends and I would tie beach or bath towels around our necks and play pirates, super heroes, wedding, international spies, knights of the Round Table, stuntmen, circus acrobats and Evel Knievel, along with a host of others.

Grownups used to look at me, shake their heads and say, "Carol, you have a wild imagination!" Maybe they didn't intend for it to be a compliment, but I took it as one. Yes, I do have a wild imagination. It hasn't dulled a bit over the years, and it comes in handy in my current avocation. I've been w…

Blooming Memories

The photo above is my lilac bush in bloom this week. Every Spring when it blooms, it reminds me of visits to my Grandmother Monson's cozy home in Hale, MO. Her house was surrounded by life of all kinds: kids, grand kids, birds, bugs, and every fragrant plant imaginable. Grandmother had the greenest of green thumbs and was always planting, pruning, weeding and harvesting the bounty of her many gardens. She had myriads of flowers, vines, fruit-bearing trees and bushes, and vegetables of every genus. Standing by her side at the stove, as she stirred a batch of peach preserves or steamed Mason jars full of tasty green beans, I felt connected to her and to my family's history.


Momala's Book Club Update: My friend, B.D. Tharp's novel "Feisty Family Values," has sold out of its first publishing run in just under two months! Due to this matter, the publisher has decided to do a second print run. This is really good news. If you haven't gotten a copy of the book…

Kitten Watch 2010

How time zooms along! Sock's kittens will be three weeks old tomorrow. These four fur bundles are so fun to watch and cuddle. Every day, they get bigger, rounder, more brave and much, much cuter! This week, their ears are popping up and they are tussling with each other. Sibling rivalry is rearing its ugly head!


Easter weekend went by so fast it made a whooshing noise as it passed. The Hubster and I cooked, cleaned, shopped, ran errands and participated in lots of church activities. Sometimes I get concerned that while we try to fit in all the activities, we forget to stop and reflect on Christ's ultimate sacrifice for our sins...the reason for the holiday, after all. I got a chance to slow it all down and thank God for The Gift by observing one of our church's ordinances on Sunday night, The Lord's Supper.

Missionary Baptist Church, 210 Windsor Road, Ark City, will be hosting a Church Growth Seminar this week at 7 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday, and Sunday at 11 a.…