A Little Imagination is a Dangerous Thing

A group of ladies at church were talking on Sunday about kids today not having much imagination. One said that her grandkids' constant refrain is "We're bored!" She said they'd rather watch TV or play video games than play pretend games in the yard with friends. That conjured up a lot of fun memories from my childhood days. How many characters could you be with a simple bath towel?

In my childhood neighborhood, my brother, our friends and I would tie beach or bath towels around our necks and play pirates, super heroes, wedding, international spies, knights of the Round Table, stuntmen, circus acrobats and Evel Knievel, along with a host of others.

Grownups used to look at me, shake their heads and say, "Carol, you have a wild imagination!" Maybe they didn't intend for it to be a compliment, but I took it as one. Yes, I do have a wild imagination. It hasn't dulled a bit over the years, and it comes in handy in my current avocation. I've been writing this blog for almost three years, and I haven't run out of crazy things to say, have I?


The Ark City Public Library/Cowley County Writers Guild Poetry Readaround last Thursday night was a big success. We had a roomful of people, including readers and guests. Romance, memoirs, travel, fantasy and funny poems were read, along with some other types of writing. It was fun to enjoy and appreciate each author's point of view (and guts for sharing their work in a public forum!). Thanks to Lianne Flax, ACPL librarian for organizing the event, and to all the folks who came. Bless you!

Along that line, the library is planning another Jazz Poetry/Prose evening this summer. They held one last summer in their parking lot that was very popular. We're hoping to expand on that idea by adding more music, prose readings and maybe even food. If it was held on a Friday night, would your family be interested in attending?


The family gathered in Wichita last weekend to celebrate our daughter, Sarah's birthday. After a divine Italian feast, we toasted her with chocolate chip cupcakes and milk chocolate frosting. The restaurant she picked was Carrabba's Italian Grill, and it was great! If you haven't gone there yet, check it out. I can highly recommend the Italian salad and chicken Marsala.


Momala's Book Club: I read Andrew Morton's "Diana: Her True Story." It is a biography of Princess Diana's childhood, adolescence, courtship and early marriage to Prince Charles. The book concludes as the couple divorced. She was a beautiful, fragile and incomparably compassionate woman, whose life came to a tragic early end.


Exercise Update: I did three hand-weight calisthenic sets and three disco aerobic workouts last week. Trying to change things up a little bit, I alternated calisthenics with aerobics day-to-day. The cats seemed to enjoy the show!


Notable Quote:

"There's a lot of stuff sitting in people's heads."--Thomas MacEntee, on blogging.
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