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Look Behind You

One summer when I was around eight years old, my parents took our family on a two-week vacation to Yellowstone National Park. Once we entered the park, my dad told us that we needed to keep close to him and always stay on the trail, because there were wild animals like bear and moose living in the woods.

While on a hike with my father and older sisters, I started to lag behind because I was little and had much shorter legs. A fallen tree across the trail was no problem for the others, but I had a tough time getting over it. I could see my dad and sisters getting farther and farther away, but I still couldn't manage to get over the log.

"Help, Daddy!" I screamed. "A moose is gonna get me!"

I have no idea why I was more afraid of a moose than a bear, but I needed my daddy's assistance. He made his way back, lifted me easily over the log, and dried my little-girl tears.

"Don't worry, Snooks. I won't let anything happen to you."

Sometimes when…

Testing, 1, 2, 3

Sometimes things look good--really good. Our eyes get greedy. We see something shiny and immediately are drawn to it. There are times when a bauble is all sparkle and no substance beneath the surface. If we take time to test it, and use the good sense God gave us, we may just find a diamond, or save ourselves from fool's gold.

Years ago, when The Hubster and I were much younger, with two small daughters at home, a unique opportunity presented itself. The Hubster was offered a job with better money, prestige and benefits in Iowa. When he interviewed, the company seemed ideal. We prayed about it and made the decision to go. After putting our house up for sale and watching our children cry as they left their classrooms, we a tiny apartment, loud neighbors, double bills to pay and a job that only slightly resembled what was promised.

God taught us a lot about ourselves in Iowa. We learned to rely on Him and not on others for our security. Not everything was bad there; we h…


I remember a long-ago conversation with a friend. We were discussing the book of Revelation and end times prophesies it contained. She said,"I don't like to think about all that stuff. It's just too scary!"

That statement stuck with me. It seems like Christians fall into two categories: Those that love Biblical prophecy and those who detest it. The Hubster and I fall into the former division. We study prophecy throughout the Bible, read other texts and attend meetings and seminars on the subject. To me, it is fascinating.

Every day, as I watch the world's current events, I see prophecies; governments at war, natural disasters, crime and disease. There are positive predictions, too, like how our Savior is coming back. One day, when Christ comes to Earth to reclaim His church, the prophecies will be fulfilled.

I don't want to head to Heaven until everyone I know has heard His story. The ending is the best part! Don't miss out by hiding your head in the s…

Liebster Blog Award

One of my favorite bloggers, This Busy Life, has nominated me for a Liebster Blog Award. "Liebster" means "favorite" or "dearest" in German, where the honor started. While it's actually more of a type of chain letter, the origins are pure of heart. Small-time bloggers support each other through the Liebster Award. And so, I will accept in the same way I was selected, kindly.

The rules for this award  state that you answer 11 questions asked of you by the blogger who gave you this award, nominate 5-11 other bloggers, generate 11 questions for your nominees, then contact them.

Following are the questions I was given by This Busy Life, and my answers:

Question: How long have you been blogging?
FIM: Next week is Female in Motion's sixth blogaversary!

Question: What do you love about blogging?
FIM: I love to write, but more than that, I love how God uses mere words to touch hearts. 

Question: Are you an early bird or a night owl?
FIM: The Hubster can a…

Quench Not the Spirit

 My brother and I were more than siblings; we were best friends. We did the same things with the same people. One of our best childhood friends was Charlotte, who lived on a farm outside of town. The farm was a place full of possibilities and adventures. Until the day we bit off a little more than we could chew.

One summer day, Dave and I made our way to the farm to have an overnight camping trip. Charlotte's family farm was on the Arkansas River and had lots of sandy beaches. We planned to pitch a tent, cookout and sleep under the stars, maybe do a little fishing. The afternoon was spent on the river, hiking and exploring along the banks.

As the afternoon wore on, we decided to make camp and start a fire to cook our dinner. The summer had been dry and the river was a slow trickle down the middle of its bed. Charlotte and I gathered driftwood as Dave started the fire. Kansas is known for contrary winds, and that day was no different. The wind pick up a cinder and dropped it nearb…