I Thess. 5:20 (NKJV) Do not despise prophecies.
I remember a long-ago conversation with a friend. We were discussing the book of Revelation and end times prophesies it contained. She said,"I don't like to think about all that stuff. It's just too scary!"

That statement stuck with me. It seems like Christians fall into two categories: Those that love Biblical prophecy and those who detest it. The Hubster and I fall into the former division. We study prophecy throughout the Bible, read other texts and attend meetings and seminars on the subject. To me, it is fascinating.

Every day, as I watch the world's current events, I see prophecies; governments at war, natural disasters, crime and disease. There are positive predictions, too, like how our Savior is coming back. One day, when Christ comes to Earth to reclaim His church, the prophecies will be fulfilled.

I don't want to head to Heaven until everyone I know has heard His story. The ending is the best part! Don't miss out by hiding your head in the sand.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013, is Female in Motion's 6th blogaversary! That's a lot of words, photos, time, sweat, tears, prayers and work. Thanks to everyone who reads my blog weekly, shares my posts on Facebook and talks about my blog with friends. I just want to be an encouragement. That's why I'm here.


I have been asked to be a member of a panel discussion entitled, "Point/Counterpoint," at the Kansas Writers Association's next meeting, this Saturday at Rockwell Library in Wichita. I'll be sharing my experiences as a blogger/inspirational writer and answering questions, as well.


Female in Motion's Exercise Update:  I did three disco aerobic workouts last week. Since I finished chemo in January, each time I exercise, have a hot flash, or otherwise exert myself, I get this nasty prickly feeling all over. It's like being stung all over by tiny bees. After sharing this with my comrades at, I found out that it is the chemo leaving my body through my pores. Yuck! Don't worry, I'm not quitting exercise. The more I sweat, the faster that poison leaves my body!


Notable Quote:

"Encouragement is awesome. It can actually change the course of another person's day, week, or life."--Chuck Swindoll

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