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The Gifts That Breast Cancer Gave Me

My breast cancer journey is almost at a close. In the last year and a half, God gave me some precious gifts. I thought I would just bear down, and tough out this cancer battle, instead I have found delicate and multi-faceted jewels placed in my path.

Rest: I didn't ever sit and get quiet until I was forced to with cancer. Seems like I always had something to do, or somewhere to be. Now, I have to schedule in those quiet times to relax my mind and gather my senses.

Prayer: I've always considered myself a prayer person, but I really became a warrior during my cancer journey. Not how you think, though. I was praying for others, not myself. There are so many around us that are suffering. Achieving a deeper level of worship and prayer makes me hungry for more.

Humility: I realized early on that I had very human limits. My body simply gave out when it had enough. There are lovely, kind people in my life who stepped up to the plate. They ministered to me, body and soul. I'm used to…

Breast Cancer: Why Do I Feel Guilty For Getting Better?

It seems like there are a million products on the market now that are "light," "lite," or "reduced" in some fashion. Weird, but I think about my cancer in that way. I had a very mild case of breast cancer, or Cancer Lite.

I almost feel like I shouldn't claim to be a cancer survivor. So many others have really, truly struggled with side effects of treatment, horrible pain from surgeries and catastrophic changes to their daily lives. While I did have three surgeries, six doses of chemotherapy and 30 radiation treatments, my body tolerated all of it fairly well, and I seem to be bouncing back rapidly.

Call it "survivor's guilt," but I went through a couple of months after treatment where I felt a bit ashamed. I gained weight, had tons of personal support and a great experience with my cancer team. During this time, a young man I knew died from liver cancer. He was a vibrant, strong Christian with a young family.

Pink ribbons are everywhere…

Breast Cancer: Living Beyond My Circumstances

John 10:10 (NKJV) The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

When my doctor told me I had breast cancer, I went into battle mode, full force. The Hubster and I prayed about it, then got a plan together. I went from doctor to doctor, hospital to hospital, until I found the best fit for me. Here's the interesting part...I kept right on with my life. I still worked, grocery shopped, did my laundry and paid my bills.

Cancer was part of my life, but it didn't take over. What are your circumstances? Is there something that makes you want to stop trying?

I wish I could whisper this truth in your ear.

                                                       You. Can. Live. Abundantly.

You are not alone. There is significance and joy to be had in every day, good or bad. God will be in every one of those moments. Be secure in His presence, no matter what you face.

I've said it b…

Why I Went (Very) Public With My Cancer Battle

A friend and I talked about our cancer journeys this evening. She's in the middle of hers; I'm nearing the finish line. We both said we feel a need to pay it forward and encourage others who are facing this life-changing illness.

I decided to go public with my cancer battle. Others are very private about their lives. You see, this is not my first bout with cancer. I survived skin cancer at age 25, with a husband, four-year-old and newborn. Cancer has taken several members of my family, too. I knew it was a matter of "when," not "if."

Here's my reasons for living out loud:

No secrets. Fear lives in the dark.
Sharing my faith is what I do.
I put it all in the blog. My whole life. I don't pick and choose from the pretty parts.
Christians' lives aren't perfect. Bad things happen to everyone.

Do I like calling attention to myself? Not really. I'm waving a flag for all cancer fighters. We're around you, and it doesn't take much to encour…