Why I Went (Very) Public With My Cancer Battle

A friend and I talked about our cancer journeys this evening. She's in the middle of hers; I'm nearing the finish line. We both said we feel a need to pay it forward and encourage others who are facing this life-changing illness.

I decided to go public with my cancer battle. Others are very private about their lives. You see, this is not my first bout with cancer. I survived skin cancer at age 25, with a husband, four-year-old and newborn. Cancer has taken several members of my family, too. I knew it was a matter of "when," not "if."

Here's my reasons for living out loud:

No secrets. Fear lives in the dark.
Sharing my faith is what I do.
I put it all in the blog. My whole life. I don't pick and choose from the pretty parts.
Christians' lives aren't perfect. Bad things happen to everyone.

Do I like calling attention to myself? Not really. I'm waving a flag for all cancer fighters. We're around you, and it doesn't take much to encourage us. A smile, hug or offer to help means so much.

I have a life philosophy: This is my body and I am in charge of it. I'm not turning my body over to all these doctors. I will know everything I can about my case and this disease, so I can fight with all my might! God and I together make a pretty awesome team.


I'm hitting a big milestone this week! Watch Female in Motion's Facebook fan page for details!


Female in Motion Exercise Update: I'm keeping up my PT exercises, three times daily. It's a long, slow process, and you know how much I love that sort of thing!


Notable Quote:

“You were born, not to be perfect, but to show the world the perfect plan of Christ.” –Duane Scott’s (blogger) mom

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