The Terrible Twos

On August 13, 2007, I embarked on a new and challenging adventure. I began to write a blog called, "Female in Motion." Because of my upbringing, I never give up on anything and work hard to accomplish whatever I set out to do. So I vowed to write weekly columns, and I have succeeded in that effort. This infant blog has grown, changed and become a somewhat locally noted, colorful toddler. And now...the terrible twos!

Two years ago, this blog's focus was firmly on fitness. Mine, of course. While I continue to update my readers each week on my workouts, it is no longer the sole target of my writing. I found that my life contains all kinds of things: family, church, work, cats, music, movies, books, and a million others. Almost every woman in a small town in the Midwest has a similar story. I write about mine, and hopefully I have a unique voice. Thanks for reading!


I'm going gray. This is not a startling revelation; I got my first gray hair around age 21. I have been faithfully covering it up with brown dye for the last 15 years, at least. For the most part, I have colored it myself, or my daughters have helped me (tomboy issues). For the last four to five years, I have my hair professionally done by Erica Hadorn at Shear Success. Erica does a great job and my hair looks good.

Women have been dealing with this issue for a long time. How long should I continue to color my hair? The dye is certainly hard on it, mine is dry and brittle. The rules for brunettes are different, because the gray is so prominent. The Hubster has a bit of gray, but he's a guy. My mother and daughters want me to continue to color. I think I'll put off the decision for a while. Maybe I can give my hair a rest.


My mom, my daughter, Rachel, and I had a girls day out on Friday. We met at the Warren East theater in Wichita to see "Post Grad," a movie starring Alexis Bledel, of "Gilmore Girls" fame. The show was amusing enough, but the best part was the meal afterward at The Warren Diner, where we talked and laughed and caught up on each other's lives. Men don't understand it, but I think this bonding ritual we do is the secret to our super powers! The shining beacon of the film was Carol Burnett, who was dazzling, as usual.


I went to the Marquee Talent Search finals on Saturday night at Southwestern College to support my young friend, Jessica Coldwell. She had previously won a monthly contest in Winfield. Jessica performed her original composition, "An Autographed Heart" and a special arrangement she did of "Dante's Prayer." She was beautifully accompanied on violin by her best friend, Hannah Graves.


Exercise Update: I did three aerobic workouts and four sets of hand-weight calisthenics last week.


Notable Quote:

"Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved."--Helen Keller
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