Learning for a Lifetime

I found out last week that a close friend is going back to college to finish her degree. I'm so excited for her! She called to ask questions about online classes and whether I thought it was a good idea. I told her to go for it. When I went back in 2001, I was really scared, but I started out slowly and built my confidence. Education is vital to a well-rounded life, regardless if you use it for a career or not.

A major regret in my life is not finishing my bachelor's degree. After I graduated from Cowley in 2005, I intended on working toward it right away. Life got in the way, however, as it usually does. I don't need a degree to better my career or income, but I want one to satisfy my emotional and educational thirst for knowledge. College was always a big goal in my family, and with my dad's memorial scholarship at the University of Missouri, we can support education for future generations of students.


I went to Grant Williams' latest book signing at the library last Tuesday. There was a good-sized crowd there to hear about his new book, "Summer of '59." The book chronicles the Buffalo Buffaloes baseball team through the summer of 1959; traveling and playing the American pastime. Grant is a local poet and author, who is retired and spends time reading to the residents of several area nursing homes. He's also a member of our new writing group. I don't know a lot about baseball, but I'm excited to read this book.


At the monthly Kansas Writers Association meeting in Wichita on Saturday, the speaker was Stan Finger. Stan covers the crime and weather beat for the Wichita Eagle newspaper. He discussed his writing career, techniques, and the future of newspapers, about which he is hopeful. He just finished a book with Robert Rogers, the man whose wife and four children were swept off the turnpike near Emporia in a flash flood several years ago. A very compelling story; one of many that are Stan's specialty.


Reminder: The August meeting of the Cowley County Writers Guild will be at 7 p.m. this Thursday at the Ark City Public Library. We will be discussing research techniques, time management and setting our activities for the fall. This group is open to any one who is interested in writing. You do not have to be published. It is a "drop-in" group, which means you can come to any meeting; you don't have to attend all of them. We are trying to encourage high school and college-aged students to participate.


Exercise Update: Four aerobic workouts last week, along with five hand weight sets of calisthenics. I find I am less worn out after the aerobics, which is really encouraging. Makes me want to do more!


Notable Quote:

"There is something that comes with the mother mentality. I call it compulsive counsel disorder--the inability to not give advice all day long."--Anita Renfroe, Christian comedienne (and a personal hero of mine!)
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