You Haven't Aged a Bit!

The Derby High School Class of 1980 reunion was held last weekend. The Hubster and I attended the Saturday night event, a get-together at a Wichita sports bar. It's a funny thing, how you can walk through an ordinary-looking doorway and enter into a parallel dimension. I walked into an Old Town drinking establishment and entered the hallways of my high school, circa 1980.

It was great to talk to several people that I hadn't seen since I graduated. Most were friends from choir (I was a vocal music nerd). The mixed ensemble I was in my senior year was called Madrigals. We performed all over the region for all kinds of groups and occasions. The guys wore snappy suits and us gals were decked out in what we referred to as "glorified bathrobes." See Facebook profile picture to the right of this entry for a glimpse. We were good, despite the gowns.

The Hubster and I had to leave the reunion early, due to his back pain, but it was interesting to see all the folks I left behind in May, 1980.


Today is Labor Day, the last blast of summer, and I can feel Fall coming on. In Wichita this weekend, the evening was cool and I was grateful for a sweater around my shoulders. On Sunday morning as we went to brunch at The Anchor with our daughter and her fiance, the weather was cool and breezy. Although the sun is beating down this afternoon, the heat feels listless and fleeting, almost like it knows that soon winter will be upon us.

Don't get me wrong. Autumn is my favorite season. I love the crisp mornings, followed by sunny afternoons, topped off with cool evenings and beautiful sunsets. I can't wait to get out my cords and sweaters. Soon, though, the sun will wane to almost nothing and the cold winds and leaden skies of winter will be upon us. Maybe the Farmer's Almanac will be right and we'll have a mild one this year.


Thanks to everyone who sent a message regarding last week's blog entry. I had a large and enthusiastic response. Because of this, I am reworking and expanding the entry to full-sized devotion length and will be submitting it to Chicken Soup for the Soul and/or Guideposts. I'll keep you posted!


Female in Motion Exercise Update: I did four aerobic workouts last week and cleaned the church on Saturday, followed by a busy holiday weekend.


Notable Quote:

"Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional."--Chili Davis
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