The Real Super Bowl

I understand that there was some sort of professional football game held on Sunday. Sports, as a rule, are not that big a deal around my house. We're a little bit busy with computers and church and food and cats and books and music and...oh, yeah, blogs! There is one international sporting event that took place yesterday that was celebrated big-time at our house--The Puppy Bowl!!!

The Fourth Annual Puppy Bowl was held last night on Animal Planet. It features lots of adorable puppies of all breeds on a "football" field with lots of toys and a glass-bottom water dish that shows the puppies refreshing themselves during frequent breaks. These dogs are so fun to watch! They just play and romp and tussle (and occasionally piddle!). There are referees who come out and break up anything that gets too rough, or call a foul if one of the puppies takes a dump.

Sponsors for this canine event are Bissell, Oust and Pedigree dog food, all for obvious reasons. As if funny, happy puppies aren't enough, the half-time show is a real winner, The Kitty Half-Time Extravaganza! That's right, lots of little fuzzy butts, chasing each other around and batting at all the confetti falling from the sky. It's hilarious!

Every year, The Hubster and I host a very exclusive Puppy Bowl Party. The guest list is pretty short, me and The Hubster. This year we were joined by our youngest daughter, Rachel. On the menu was The Hubster's Macho Nachos with plenty of zesty guacamole. Yum!

Sarah, Rachel and I attended a baby shower on Saturday for Sarah's childhood friend, Melody. She and Sarah have been buddies since the crib days, and now Melody is pregnant with her first child. A baby girl named Grace will be coming into the world next month. It sure was fun to see Melody and her family again. She got a lot of really nice things, and I'm sure she won't have to buy any clothes for the first year, at least.

I really enjoy every moment I get to spend with my daughters. We all lead very busy lives, so it gets difficult. They are such fun, nice people to be around. I'm very proud of both of them. They have goals and dreams and are willing to put in the hard work to achieve them.

FitZone update: The gym continues to be full every morning. Business is really picking up! Pat has talked to me about finding corporate partners to subsidize their employees' monthly dues. Sounds like a great idea. Fit and healthy employees don't cost the company as much in the long run. I'll keep you posted on this!
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