Happy Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day! It's not all about getting chocolates and flowers. It's about showing the people around me just how much I care. Corny, I know, but that's the way I feel. And not just my husband, but my family and friends, too.

It's a lot of fun to send people cards, flowers, chocolates, jewelry and crazy stuffed animals. I make sure to include my mom, The Hubster's granny, and all the rug rats at church. It sure makes my day when I see their smiling faces...all smeared with chocolate! Setting aside a day to remember how much you are loved is a good thing, I think.

The Hubster and I had a visit on Friday morning from two very special people, Steve & Therese Kent. They live in Kansas City now, but back in the day they lived in Ark City and we worked together and went to church together and hung out a lot. We always feel better about life when we talk to them. They are very positive and upbeat. Steve is a computer guy, like The Hubster, but he recently left his job to start a full-time men's ministry. God is doing exciting things in their lives.

Weather has been a major factor in my trips to FitZone recently. The good news is that I still work out at home on the treadmill. I want to work out four days per week, every week. I only exercised three days last week. Shame on me! I can run up and down the stairs all day now, thanks to the elliptical machine.
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