Peeling Off the Mask

I wore those button-fly Levi's all the time!
As a junior in high school, I was one of our school's mascots. It was fun to wear the Derby Panther costume and entertain at sporting events. Inside the safety of that huge head and fuzzy black suit, I could dance, flirt with boys and generally act sillier than I ever could as myself.

During the periods in my life when I struggle with depression, I cover myself with a happy demeanor, so that no one sees the sadness within. If you met me on one of those days, you'd think I was carefree. In reality, I wrestle with negative thoughts and hopeless emotions.

The scribes and Pharisees in Matthew 23 were called hypocrites by Jesus, because they acted religious, but were full of hatred for their fellow man. If these men had worn scary Halloween masks, no one would have taken them seriously. Their false doctrine was honored, due to their fine apparel and smiling faces.

When I peel away the layers of protection and share my true feelings, I am more able to truly connect with others. It's a lot easier to relate to someone who tells the absolute truth, even when their life is not cookie cutter perfect. Speaking humbly, being intentional and authentic are virtues that we, as humans, should prize above all the sparkly costumes and stage makeup of false friendship.

It's time to peel off the mask...and get real with God and myself.

Matthew 5:8 (NKJV) Blessed are the pure in heart, For they shall see God.


Female in Motion Health Update: I am making a concerted effort to work fewer hours and take more time for myself and those I love. Therapy is moving forward slowly, but I have some new insights into why I have immersed myself in work.


Notable Quote:

The more false any man is in his religion, the more fierce and furious he is in maintaining it; the more mistaken, the more imposing.--Benjamin Whichcote


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