Feisty Friday Face!

Here's my Friday Face today, with a bonus Hubster Face, as well! We got our heads shaved yesterday, so I thought I would give you a bonus shot. I'm really loving it, so far! Maintenance is low, and my head is pretty nicely-shaped. Hooray! It's a little bit cold at night, so we're thinking about little flannel nightcaps, maybe.

(Notice the small "Feisty" pin on the flower of my hat? It's a gift from my favorite author, B.D. Tharp, writer of Feisty Family Values, available on Amazon.com. Check it out!)

I'm feeling great this week, and hope to have a safe and easy trip back for Chemo Treatment #2 at CTCA on Wednesday.

Have a great weekend, Dear Readers! I love you guys!

Precious Lord, You hold me in the palm of Your Hand. I am so grateful for your mercy and abundant love. I pray that you will continue to guide me and heal me through this cancer journey. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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