Resolutions, Schmezolutions!

Hooray for a new year! Not that this year has been so awful, but I am looking forward to finding out what 2008 holds for us. I'm not really a big resolution-maker. I just hate it when I can't keep it up, so I just don't make them any more. I punish myself enough already!

I used to make big resolutions about losing weight, making more money, exercising, traveling, etc. Several years ago, I had a big talk with myself. "Self," I said, "You are setting yourself up for failure!" The only resolution I have made for the past three years is to love God more this year than last. That seems to be a good system. Sounds weird, but it works.

In family news, we celebrated my mom's birthday on Friday. We went to one of those Japanese grill places. The food was terrific and the show was great, too. Mom and Drew were the only two to catch a shrimp in their mouth. I can't believe I didn't catch one! I have a huge mouth, as you all well know.

The Deep Freeze continues this week. Yuck! I can't believe how cold and windy it is today. It makes me lust for warmer climes, like Miami, San Diego, Maui...sigh! Maybe I'll just change my screen saver back to the tropical beach setting. A vacation is out of the question when you run a business.

My brother bought me a five pound Hershey's bar for Christmas. Did I mention he's my favorite brother? (Okay, he's my only brother!) Anyway, I think I'll take it to church to share with the kids. Whenever someone gives me something tempting, I take it to church. Chocolate is one of my many weaknesses. I still have a little bit every day. It keeps me from getting so many headaches. I don't know why, but I won't question it!

I look forward to going back to FitZone tomorrow morning. I haven't been there since last week, because the weather has been nasty and the Hubster has been on vacation. I have been walking daily on the treadmill in the basement, and keeping up a pretty good pace. Add in endless loads of laundry carried and lots of vacuuming, and I've kept up pretty well.

New Year's Eve was fun for us. The Hubster and I foraged in the fridge for leftovers and watched Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in "Top Hat." That's about as big a New Year's Eve as we usually have. I guess we're officially old fogeys now...or maybe we always have been!
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