New Car/Old Garage Door Opener

Yup. We finally broke down and did it. The dirty deed is done. The Hubster and I put it off as long as we could. We bought a car. And now we can't get the stupid garage door to work!

We are not your typical car buyers. First of all, we only buy a car every 10-15 years. Yeah, we keep them that long. The Hubster and I research car prices, performance, safety, gas mileage, customer satisfaction, and on and on. We finally bought one, and one of the features is that it has a programmable remote garage door opener. However, our ancient garage door opener isn't cooperating!

The Hubster has tried it all. He even checked the website. I read all about it in the car manual, but to no avail. Picture Sunday morning. We are all dressed up, buckled in and ready to go. But the door opener just won't work. The Hubster finally had to get out of the car and open the garage door manually. Ugh!

Believe me, I'll keep you updated on this misadventure!

Legleiter's Video in Ark City has finished my family's DVD project. Mom and I sat down the other day and watched it for a couple of hours. We laughed, we cried, we laughed and cried at the same time. It was wonderful! My dad was so great about always taking lots of photos of our family and all the places we went. This will be so nice to keep for future generations.

I have to fill you in on a little family secret. After my dad passed away, I started finding pennies everywhere: on the ground, in the store, in pockets of clothes, etc. When I talked to my mom about it, she had the same experience. We started documenting when and where we found pennies and the circumstances surrounding them. It is really eerie. When we looked at cars, a penny was on the ground by the one we bought. When I'm having a hard day, a penny will be in my desk drawer. This morning on his walk to work, The Hubster found a spark plug. No, not a penny. But my dad collected spark plugs. Yeah, pretty cool.

FitZone update: I did 22 1/2 minutes on the elliptical trainer this morning (a personal best) and 25 minutes of circuit training. Yeah! I also met my end-of-the-year goal of 45 minute workouts. Now I want to continue increasing my time on the elliptical, and add one more day per week. None of the same folks I started working out with last year are still there in 2008. Don't let up, guys! I don't want to be the only fabulously fit person in Ark City!
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