I Have a Dream...to Work Out!

FitZone is weird on a holiday. Because of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, The Hubster had the day off, so he came with me to work out this morning. We were greeted at the door by a herd of 50-something women, pestering Pat about everything from towels to headphones. By the time we left (or rather, I was forced out of the circuit training room by the aforementioned herd!), there were at least 20-25 people there.

In good news, The Hubster got to see where I work out, and I did 26 minutes on the elliptical machine! The Hubster did his usual 30 minutes on the treadmill. He said that the machines at FitZone were really nice. My goal for the new year is to make 30 minutes on the stair stepper an every day thing, and to increase the amount of steps/reps per minute, so that I burn even more calories. I burn an average of 167 now.

An update on the garage door opener caper: the new car remote works, the opener works and the car compass works. HOWEVER, the garage door opener light does NOT work and no longer comes on when the car enters the garage. Oh, well, what do you want? The moon?

The baby shower for my great niece came off pretty well. The cake was pretty and I bought fresh flowers (that's my thing) and there was plenty of food. The activities I had planned were kind of dorky, but the ladies seemed to enjoy them. The best part is that I had a large box of gifts to send to Jessica last week, and lots of photos. Many thanks to my mother-in-law Judy, my sister-in-law Kelli and my niece Becca for all their help.

Every time I plan a party, I tell myself it's the last time. I simply don't think I'm good at it. I get crazy about details, probably too crazy. Carol? Too crazy? Nah, you think?
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