Wild Saturday!

I had a really quiet week. I worked hard and barely left the house. I was ready for a little recreation. When my mom invited me up on Saturday, I jumped at the chance for some fresh air. I got some, and quite a little adventure, to boot!

My sister, Donna, was visiting Mom last weekend, along with my nephew, Nick. Nick and I are buddies. He gets me, which very few people do. Anyway, after a quick stop at Graves Drug for Henry's candy (a treat for Nick), I was off to Derby. We were soon saddled up and riding off to a church rummage sale.

The main event was the Derby Historical Museum. What a find! Mom volunteers there, so I was eager to go. It's huge! They have the largest collection of arrowheads and primitive stone tools I have ever seen anywhere, plus lots of military, medical, education, fashion, and housekeeping memorabilia. I was really impressed with the sheer volume of artifacts.

In each display room, a museum volunteer was handy to answer questions, provide interesting information on displays and friendly conversation. Most of these folks are parents of my former Derby classmates, so it was a hoot to catch up. The museum even provides a scavenger hunt for young patrons to fill out. This was so much fun that I helped Nick finish his. We raced through a couple of rooms to find the last few clues.

Pizza Johns was our lunch spot. You know that I only crave John's pizza. I don't like any other kind. Mom, Donna and Nick were worn out after that, so I dropped them off at home and headed for the new Derby Petco. Great place, and they carry a full line of Greenies, our cats' favorite treat! After that, something really unexpected happened...

I got hit on in traffic! There I was, sitting at a stoplight in Wichita, when two young guys in a souped-up Suburban honked at me. I looked over to see them motioning to roll my window down. The driver flashes a smile and asks for my cell phone number. I laughed, pointed to my wedding ring, said "28 years!", and laughed some more. He smiled again and I said, "Thanks for making my day!"

How about that? After 47 years, I've still got it. Now, though, I just can't remember where I put it! My mom and I had a good giggle about it, when I called her yesterday. She says that the next time I go out "cruising" she wants to ride shotgun.

The silliest part was later that night, after I got home. The Hubster and I ran in to Wal-Monster to pick up some ice cream. I dropped him at the door because it was starting to rain. After I had parked and was approaching the door, I saw The Hubster standing out front, pointing to his cell phone. He asked me, "Can I get your digits, Sweet Stuff?" I will NEVER live that one down!


Exercise Update: Three workouts on the treadmill and five sets of calisthenics with hand weights. I have lost six pounds so far this year.


Pay it forward! I want to start that movement up in our town. Do you know someone who lives alone? Take them a batch of cookies or a bouquet of spring flowers for May Day. How about taking an afternoon to swing by the nursing home and do some nails? Those ladies still love to have pretty polish. Swing a hammer at the current Habitat home, send a card to a friend, or read to preschoolers. Pick your skill and get creative! God will smile and you will love how you feel afterward. Think it over!
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