Resurrection Week Recap

Passover has passed over and Easter is done for another year. It was an action-packed week, and I really enjoyed it. (Even though it was a marathon!) The first ever Passover observance at Missionary Baptist Church was interesting and meaningful and lots of fun, too. We had a lot of compliments on this project, so we may try to do this again.

Our outdoor sunrise service had to be moved indoors, and there really wasn't much of a sunrise to speak of, but the service was terrific, with kids reading the scriptures from the book of Matthew and a great message about the empty tomb. Afterward, a huge and delicious breakfast was served, along with a chance to fellowship with our church family. After a quick trip home to shower and change, we headed back to church for Sunday School and worship service. There were many visitors and family attending, so it was a big crowd. I sang "Born to Die," by Lanny Wolfe, while Jessica Coldwell did "How Beautiful." She has an awesome alto voice.

This may not be politically correct, but I much prefer Easter to Christmas, as a holiday. They are both meaningful to Christians, but Resurrection Day is the very foundation of what we believe. Christ died on the cross for our sins and rose again on the third day. I am so grateful for this gift, and on the day set aside to remember His sacrifice, I love to spend it worshipping Him. Plus, I don't have to run around like a mad fiend, trying to find the perfect gift for everyone I've ever met!


My mom is a new board member for the Derby Historical Museum. She has donated items in the past and has helped with fundraisers. Now she has a chance to use her innumerable talents in a very creative way. The museum is open on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month and is located in the old Derby Elementary School building.

Some of the exhibits they have are a toy room, a school room and a military section (featuring some of my dad's things from the Korean conflict). One exhibit I'm particularly excited about seeing...the medical room where my childhood doctor, Dr. McKerricker's black bag is featured.

That was a different time. A trip to Dr. McKerriker's office was not at all like a trip to a doctor's office now. Actually, it was more like walking into a room-sized ashtray. His nurse, dressed in her starched whites, looked more like Eva Braun than Florence Nightengale. She, along with everyone else there, chain-smoked. (Except for the kids!) Dr. McKerriker used to perform all my checkups with a ciggy hanging out of his mouth. And look how normal I turned out...ha!


I had a brief, but much overdue visit with my mom last week. We did lunch, hit a few stores for Easter treats and shopped the book sale at the public library in Derby. They are building a HUGE new library facility and Mom drove me by the site. Wow! For book hounds like me, it's like the Taj Mahal.


Exercise update: three workouts and four days of calisthenics with hand weights. Oh, and I had my annual checkup last week (lost six more pounds) and was pronounced "healthy as a horse" by my doctor. Now I just have to get past the mammogram!
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