Creeping Crud

I haven't had a cold in more than a year. However, Friday I succumbed to...The Creeping Crud! It started with just a little throat tickle. By Sunday night, I had a fever, alternating sweats and cold chills, hacking cough, red and irritated eyes, stuffy AND runny nose (I have no idea how it does that!), and the worst sore throat of my life.

This morning, my throat was swollen to 1/3 of its usual size. Yeah, that was pleasant. It took two cups of coffee and a saltwater gargle before I could work up a decent swallow. Did I mention that I turn into a whiny baby when I get a cold? As if that wasn't good enough, I got really generous and gave it to The Hubster.


I did attend a baby shower this weekend. What fun! My good buddy, Jacque's son, Matt and his pretty wife, Callista, are expecting a little blue bundle in December. They're both K-State grads, so the shower theme was decidedly "Wildcat." It's so fun to go to the baby department in a store and pick out tiny little shoes and hats and shirts! (Don't worry, girls, I am nowhere close to ready for grandbabies!)


My new washer is working like a champ, so far. It was delivered on Wednesday at 2 p.m., and by 6 p.m. I had three loads done. Yes, I guess I missed doing laundry. Since the new one is not a front-loader, we had to rearrange the laundry room, but I think it will work. The Hubster even did a little DIY with my father-in-law.


During my 30-minute workout this morning, I used The Hubster's hand weights to try to build up the arms a little bit. I think it added a lot of cardio and toning, so I will continue to use them regularly. When you use them in several different movements, you get a nicely rounded session.


Just a small postscript: VOTE TOMORROW!!! Just do it. No excuses!
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