Batteries are Fully Charged!

Infinite Grace was the theme of the 2008 Women of Faith Conference in Oklahoma City last weekend. And I was there. What a total blast! Two days of music, worship, laughs, tears and ten thousand screaming female Jesus freaks!

My mom's church got a group of ladies together, along with another church in Derby, and we chartered a big bus. We left on Friday morning and came home on Saturday evening. Jim, our driver, has amazing skills. Plus, he was a very nice gentleman. Anybody who can put up with 50 talkative women for 48 hours is a saint in my book!

The speakers at this year's event were diverse and gifted. Sheila Walsh sang and discussed her difficult childhood in Scotland. Allison Allen, a Broadway star, did a really funny skit about how music shaped our perceptions of love as young girls. Sandi Patty blew me away with her stunning vocals and touching testimony. Luci Swindoll(Chuck's sister) made me laugh about how God speaks to us in a still, small voice, not a hammer to the head! Patsy Clairmont, Marilyn Meberg, Anita Renfroe, Nicole C. Mullen and Mandisa filled out the dazzling roster.

I have been a huge fan of Sandi Patty since high school. Her powerful voice makes my liver shiver! I listen to her Cd's regularly and have attempted to sing a number of her songs at church. Last weekend, I sat right behind her mother at the conference. (Sandi was raised in OKC.) Sandi came over to visit with her mother a number of times during the event, and I got to see her up close. What a treat!


The antibiotics that the doctor gave me last week worked, and so did the prayers. I felt great all weekend, and Mom said I didn't cough much at night. Thank you to all who prayed and thanks be to God for His Grace. I really needed this time of refreshing, both body and soul.

The best part of the weekend was spending quality time with my mom. She is part mentor, part best buddy, and definitely my hero. We talked about memories, my daddy, our shared faith, and lots of silly stuff. It was kind of like an extended sleepover. She even spoiled me with pancakes on Sunday morning. Going to the church I grew up in on Sunday morning was such a treat, too.


I squeezed in three workouts last week, comprised of 15, 20 and 25 minutes each. Not bad for a sick woman high on cough syrup! And don't forget, the WOF conference was held at the Ford Convention Center in OKC. It was huge! We walked around and around the concourse and shopped for books, but mostly looked for bathrooms!


Patsy Clairmont quote: "Step out of your box and step into a place of grace."
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