Okay, Kerri, I'm writing!

I'm writing this much later than usual tonight. I had a high school instrumental music concert to attend. (More on that later.) And of course, I saw lots of people I know. My sister-in-law took one look at me and said, "Why aren't you at home writing your blog???" I'm on it, Kerri!

I can't believe people actually take time out of their day to read this column. It never ceases to shock me when someone says, "I read your blog." I guess I just thought I was the only one interested in writing about me, and I sure never thought anyone would be interested in reading about me! I'm so glad you do, though, and I'm really grateful. It's what I love to do.


The concert tonight was the finale to a great season of the arts in Ark City. Amazing numbers, talented kids and lots of supportive family members combined for a really awesome show. The jazz band led off with two smooth blues songs and a Duke Ellington piece. My favorite was "The Jazz Police" which had crazy drums by Mr. Conner Coldwell. The sax soloist was Daniel Byers, who is a phenomenal musician.

Orchestra was next with three solid numbers and a showstopper. Their new director, Rebecca Streeter, encouraged Jessica Coldwell, a senior, to try arranging a piece that had never been performed by the group. While the orchestra played, Jessica sang and played the piano to "Dante's Prayer," by Loreena McKinnett. For three seconds after they finished, silence reigned in the hall. Then, whoops of joy and stunning applause rang out. It was a standing ovation for a budding musical talent. Way to go, Jess!

The full concert band rounded out the evening with four great pieces and even a Holst concerto. This challenging number had four movements. My favorite song was "Spitfire!" by Henry Purcell. It was bright and energetic and I loved the flourish at the end by percussionist Cameron Crabtree. He's a new buddy of mine from church. The arts programs at Ark City High are flourishing and should be recognized for their achievements.


Speaking of pounding drums, there was a whole lot of crazy pounding in my head last week. The roofers showed up on Wednesday morning, bright and early. I have never seen such a industrious group of guys. They tore into our roof like Satan himself was their foreman. (I know for a fact he was not!) The crew had the entire thing done in two days. The only downside was trying to conduct a business while all that racket was going on!


For Mother's Day, The Hubster and I traveled to Derby to visit with my mom, sister Laurie, our daughters, Sarah and Rachel, and Sarah's boyfriend, Derek. We threw a soup and sandwich lunch together and had a really nice time, talking and laughing about raising kids. My mom is the coolest chick I know, and she always has great bashes at her house. I got royally spoiled with gifts and loved spending time with my kids. Every day is a holiday that I spend with them. (Isn't that a Mary Poppins song?)


Exercise update: I only had one treadmill workout last week. Go ahead, call me a lazy bum!!! I did do four hand weight sets, though. I tried a morning yoga stretch tape this morning, but it was a little too "new age" for me. "Being one with Mother Earth" is just not my cup of tea. The stretches were good. I think I'll try to find some more exercise videos to mix up my routine.


Notable Quote:

"The peace of God is not the absence of chaos, but the presence of Christ." --Sermon Snippets
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