Orange Fuzzy Plays Flat Stanley

 Orange Fuzzy Ballew is a venerated member of my family. He has resided in my home for the last two and a half years, presented to me at the last Ballew family reunion by my darling aunt, Nancy Ballew Anderson. (If you are not familiar with O.F. Ballew, please click this link to read his history.

While I have enjoyed having him taking up space, er...sitting on my desk, I decided it was time Orange Fuzzy had some adventures. The next Ballew family reunion will take place sometime during the summer of 2013, and I plan to have a full scrapbook to present to the next lucky Ballew who receives guardianship of this tangerine-colored talisman.

When we entered the infusion center late this morning, O.F. watched as Theresa, my infusion nurse, got me all settled in and hooked up. We lunched and did some work on the laptop, then the benedryl hit me and I napped a bit.

My Texas Belle got her first caregiver massage and then browsed the gift shop. She found the cutest little teddy bear, whom she named Bert, to help us get through the flight home. (We're nervous flyers.) Bert immediately took a shine to Orange Fuzzy and they struck up a friendship.

 I wore my silly felt fedora and my red suede booties today. It seems that I feel stronger, more powerful, when I wear bright colors and fun clothes. Plus, the guests and staff enjoy it, so I do, too.

Talking with the great folks here always puts me in a good mood. They're friendly and supportive. The whole vibe is positive and Christian. I am thriving here. Not sick. Not dying. THRIVING. Thanks be to God for guiding me to this place.


Health Update: I am back at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Zion, IL, today. Chemotherapy Treatment #3 is already completed and I'm feeling good so far. Rachel is with me this time, and has been a big help, even though I've only allowed her 4-5 hours of sleep per night. My blood work remains really good and Dr. Citrin, my dietitian and naturopath all agree, I seem to be tolerating the chemo better than expected. They attribute it to good attitude and exercise. I attribute it to prayers and positive thoughts from all of you! I'll have a massage and Neulasta shot tomorrow, then we're off to Kansas again.


Female in Motion Exercise Update: I did four 30-minute treadmill workouts last week, and managed to lose three pounds in the last three weeks. Remember, Thursday was Thanksgiving. Hooray!


Notable Quote:

Psalm 48:14 KJV
 For this God is our God for ever and ever: he will be our guide even unto death.


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