Friday Fatigued Face

Today, I am so grateful for the prayers and positive messages you have sent since my last chemo treatment. On Monday, I traveled to CTCA-Chicago to received infusion #3 of 6. I felt pretty good until returning home on Tuesday evening. By Wednesday afternoon, I was sore, had a fierce case of metal mouth, cranky tummy, and fatigue that would not quit. The Hubster tucked me in bed and I didn't leave for over 24 hours. (Those of you who know me well, realize the absurdity of this fact.) I'm still weak like a kitten today, but the largest part of the exhaustion is over.

God bless you all for your intercession and faithfulness to pray and think of me. I know that is what is keeping me on the road to recovery. Special thanks this week to Mom, Sarah, Rachel, the Hilton Anatole, CTCA-Chicago, Best Western @ Market Square, American Airlines, Debra @ O'Hare Airport, O.F. Ballew, Pastor Charles and Bernice Whaley, Deanne Splechter, B.D. Tharp, Donna Wiley, Nick Wiley, Kyle and Toni Carlson, and my forever beloved Hubster.


Almighty One, today I am grateful for your very real Presence in my life. I am surrounded by love from You and all those who pray for me. It humbles me to think that my life has made a difference for others. Forgive me when I fail You, and give me courage to face each fresh day. In Jesus' name, Amen.


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