What's In Your Bag?

Several weeks ago, I attended an elegant luncheon for non-profit agencies at the downtown Hyatt hotel in Wichita. There was a large group of Rainbows employees in attendance, all smartly dressed. I rode across town with several lovely young ladies, and as we entered the ballroom, our president greeted us warmly. Deb commented on our dressy attire and then pointed to my friends' handbags. "Michael Kors and Coach!" she exclaimed.

At this point, I had a choice. Make a really fun, albeit snarky comment about my own cheap bag, or remain silent and "safe."

I really wanted hold up my bag and say, "Dress Barn. Free with any purchase," but I chickened out. (I do that often).

My purse is pretty important in my daily life. I carry all the things I might need to get by for a day or two away from home. Since I commute, I never know what the day may bring. This makes for a pretty heavy bag.

Handbags are so pretty on the outside, and able to carry so many necessary items. What about our hearts, though? We carry around too much. It's all so vital, and we think we can't survive a night without our "stuff."

What's weighing down your purse? Is it time to lighten your load?


Notable Quote:

"We sometimes fear to bring our troubles to God, because they must seem so small to Him who sitteth on the circle of the earth. But if they are large enough to vex and endanger our welfare, they are large enough to touch His heart of love."--Reuben Archer Torrey
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