Christmas Gifts From God: A Mission

God has a mission for each of us.
I believe we'll have things to do in Heaven. Maybe not jobs, per se, but meaningful work serving God, according to Revelation 22. Adam was busy in the Garden of Eden; he didn't just lay around fanning himself with palm fronds. Here on earth, we all have work to do, but what is our mission?

I knew I wanted to make a difference; to be a help to others. I didn't know how or where or when, but God did. When I was done floundering around, God was ready to get down to business with me. I came to a place where I was no longer satisfied with my life. Wanting more, I cried out to God and showed Him I was willing to obey.

It might be in the darkest jungle in Africa, but sometimes your mission field is your own neighborhood. Good news, it's never too late to start, and never to early, either. Just take one step.

Start with a mission statement. Here's mine:

My faith simply wraps itself 
around everything I write 
and I consider it my mission
 to encourage women around me 
to seek God's will for their lives.

 You only get one life; one shot. Push through the fear and come out on the other side. Take your first step now. Say it with me:

God has called me to..........................................

Fill in the blank with the words God has been whispering to your heart in the middle of the night. You wake up, because you heard something, and you listen, but it's so quiet in the house. And then, there it is again. Tell Him what He wants to hear, "Here am I, Lord!"


Female in Motion Health Update: I've been working a lot lately. Day and night, early and late, weekdays and weekends. On Saturday, I left town and went to visit my mom. She has always been therapy for me. We hugged, talked, laughed...cried a little, too. Holidays are hard, especially when you've lost a loved one, but when you hold on to each other and let God lead, you'll be okay.


Notable Quote:

"God's work done in God's way will never lack God's supplies."--Hudson Taylor


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